Promoting the Not So Ordinary

5 Apr

Questions & answers in relation to the presentation from the milk carton assignment:

Is there an assumption that your audience knows what you are talking about? Consider both the design proposal as it is and your presentation in all its deliverable elements.

From my presentation, I didn’t expect many people would know the designer my milk carton was based on, therefore mentioning the name of the artist and what they do helped clarify why I designed the carton in the way I did. However, if sold in supermarkets, I would assume people to have some background/artist knowledge, even if it is little, as my artist/designer, Kapoor, has been mentioned on newspapers and on tv in recent years.

How should we, as creative individuals, approach the considerations and contexts of another creative individual’s work?

By evaluating the works, you can look into the style another individual has worked on, making it possible to know who their work is based on.

What are the rules, if any, under which we operate when we consider as well as use aspects of their work?

To not overload the intended outcome with many works so as to not make it confusing and incomprehensible; use a limited amount, perhaps use one main piece or main style the artist or designer uses, and take on that approach towards your own work.

What is ‘research’ and how do we know or decide on its value to the specific design process?

Research is specific information about someone or an object, information that is vital to make it as what it is and how it is portrayed (eg. an artist is known for a certain style). We know or decide on its value as it is information taken into account that will be used in support or as inspiration of particular works being produced. For example, my milk carton is made from mirror card, which was inspired from the mirror sculptures done by Anish Kapoor.

What ‘visual references’ have been considered in the interpretation and has its recognition?

As mentioned above, I used the mirror works done by Kapoor as my interpretation of my own ‘art’/’sculpture’, which enables recognition, but perhaps to only those who know of his works.

Does that matter? Explain.

In some ways, recognition does matter as you want people to get involved and interact with the art piece, knowing and understanding why the milk carton is done in this way (which, again, means they’ll have to have background knowledge of the artist). Otherwise people will just see it as a milk carton covered in mirror card, believing that it is based on reflections/distorted reflections.

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