A Few Months Passed

10 Sep

I apologise for being so absent, a lot of things have happened and since finishing university I have had to alter some plans somewhat.

As mentioned in my last post I was going to talk about New Designers. The first two days was mainly preparation, and it was manic! You see everyone from different universities putting up their stand, and all the hustle and bustle.

With our stand, however, we had a theme set for it, and we named it ‘hidden’, in terms of hidden talent that is now being discovered and entered into the design world. We also used colours as part of the theme, so it made it more individualistic.

We planned on having our own profiles, which was set with each of us being hidden in some form and given a colour swatch to indicate ourselves. This was mine:


When this photo was taken I had to have my friend guide me to where the photos were being taken as I could not see a thing!

In case you wondered, I used my hair and wrapped it around my face : p

Anyways, we started on making the stand, and not just that, but the 1000 catalogues we ordered! So a bunch of us, myself included, helped in scoring and folding all of them:


This was only part of the pile!

Boxed up and getting there

Boxed up and getting there

Some in the catalogue stand we had, and filled again once emptied

Some in the catalogue stand we had, and filled again once emptied

Once opened the catalogues contained a piece of work from each of us, as well as our contact details and a one liner summary of ourselves as well as the hidden photos of us and our group website, who one of the guys in class created. A group of girls from the class designed the catalogue, in ‘z’ format, so read from left to right, and it was done amazingly! Still have a few that I kept in a box for memories.

It was eventually all done, and this was the look of our stand

Can you spot my stuff amongst the table? Hehe ^__^

The stand may not have looked as full and everything compared to others, but it was simple and we wanted to include everyone from the group (20 of us altogether) and make us as one, whereas some universities only picked a fair few of their students for the stands. On the actual days we used the table tops of the portfolio cabinets to display a student’s portfolio. On the first few photos it was preparation and none were displayed at that time.

But each box was colour coded based on our hidden profile and its colour, so you had to link it all up.

So the actual event lasted for four days, and each day was busy. We had professionals coming over to the table, students from other universities and students from secondary schools/colleges. It was great talking to every one of them, and having that opportunity to explain to people outside of my own work area about the work produced by each one of us and getting to know them.

Even the work produced by students from the other attending universities was remarkable, ranging from graphic design, animation and illustration, as well as film making, product and furniture design.

Here are some examples of work I took photos of from New Designers (apologies for some of the blurriness):

Really amazing works throughout the show. Never seen so much talent in a few days!

The point of this designer show was to exhibit our work so to catch the eye of perhaps future employers and such. Unfortunately, though I had quite a bit of interest during that time from a number of professionals, none of it was pressed forward, which was disheartening.

But nonetheless, I can not keep moping about it. Since finishing I have been applying to illustration agencies, which sadly none of it has been progressing. I have also been setting myself new mini projects to do to keep me busy for the time being. However, for the past two months I have been planning something new.

Not too long ago I entered a competition from my now ex-university that required one to create an e-card design that would be distributed amongst their staff, clients and students in Winter 2013, with the designer also being credited for it. The brief given had to involve the design in being based on Season’s Greetings (so not particularly Christmas itself), multiculturalism and diversity.

Eventually I got an email from the man who did set up the competition, mentioning that my creation was one of the designs chosen, and got given a prize (an iPad, which I actually forgot about until he mentioned it as I was more so for getting my work out!) So the iPad was an extra bonus for me really, but I was so chuffed about my design being picked!

Honestly, for a while I have been feeling down about my skills and abilities as nothing has happened or progressed. But this competition has now led me to a new path, where I will plan on creating my own greetings cards. They will first be sold on a small market stall locally, and possibly on websites like eBay, etsy or something similar. I hope for it to go well, and I have started creating designs already. I’m planning on having a test run to see how it goes in time for this Christmas. And that particular design will also be included as one of many! But once it picks up, I plan on allowing customers to have their own custom cards made (without trademarked characters) to what they would like on there.

It will cost both in buying the materials and renting the stall, so I have been applying to some retail jobs, and just the other day I had an interview for a part-time job, and will be notified if I have the job within the next week. So the job will help fund the small business, and Ryan is kindly going to help me out both financially and selling the cards. It will be a good experience, and something I would love to do. Thinking about it, I have always created cards for family members and the idea has popped up every now and then, but it is a firm goal now, and hoping it will become a success.

Besides this idea, I am also planning on sending out mini books of my Chu’s Tale (from the New Designers photos, you’ll see the mini preview book of it) to children’s book publishers, and hoping one day it will be seen on shelves : ) I am also currently planning and working on a new children’s story/artwork, so keep an eye out!

2 Responses to “A Few Months Passed”

  1. Mark Armstrong October 12, 2013 at 02:38 #

    A thousand apologies, my dear Sabine, for being among the missing for so long. I’m blushing as red as a, well, a fox, really… : )

    Your booth and support materials were extremely impressive. Loved the concept of “Hidden.” That shot of you hidden away behind your hair is a true classic!! You and your mates clearly put a lot of time and energy into the show– well done all.

    Do not be discouraged by the show’s relative lack of success.

    Repeat: You absolutely must not go there. Every marketing effort plants a seed, and you’ll also learn something from each effort, regardless of outcome. It’s all part of the struggle, and must be accepted as such. Just part of your climb to eventual success.

    Congrats on having one of your designs selected in the card contest!! Love the skaters– excellent work! Anything that gets your work in front of the public is a huge win. Very happy to think you’re going to do more card design– seems like a great fit for your style. Be sure to work up a separate portfolio for same that you can show to card companies, if you decide to explore job opps in that quarter.

    And yes, get Chu’s Tale in front of publishers, and keep working on other story ideas. I can see your drawings putting big smiles on children’s faces. The world needs a new Beatrix Potter, so get out there and follow in her, um pawprints. Good luck, I’m rooting for you! : )

    • Sabine October 25, 2013 at 16:51 #

      Thank you so much Mark. Your kind words in such a time has been very encouraging, and really brightened up my day :)

      Hehe, I think that photo is one my best portraits ever! Still portraying me without displaying my full face, which I like! :p

      It is quite a climb, and slowly it will get there. I don’t know exactly how it was for you, but it might have been the same at the beginning. It’s just trying to get one out there as much as possible. Like you said in relation to the card, anything that can get your work out is a win overall. Since I last spoke I have created more cards, and they are almost there now with a few more designs to go, then it’s all done on that part!

      And I will certainly do that with Chu, it’s one story I would love for people to read, and for those who have read it, they have really enjoyed it. But I need to press on with my next story at some point >o<

      But thank you for the advice of creating another portfolio for card designs/companies. Lately I have actually been looking into such companies to consider in submitting my work to them, so we're pretty much on the same wavelength in that sense :)

      We will see how it goes! As always, thank you for your support! ^__^

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