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A Little Inspiration

17 Jul

As you can see, I haven’t been on here for much over a month. Have been a bit lazy, playing games, watching my favourite anime and reading manga, and going on a holiday break. And pretty much doing nothing that creative. But only just the other day I noticed in one of my manga books an ‘advert’ for this program called manga studio. It’s more so to do with being able to produce your own comics and characters in a way that you don’t need to use ink and paper to block in colour and textures etc. If I knew that this sort of program existed, I would have used it for my graphic novel!!! Really annoying…. But either way, I still got top marks for that, and I passed all of my modules/projects so I am exceedingly thrilled with it all ^_^

Anyways, back to what I was saying, I found the advert of that manga studio program and I thought I would check out the website. As I did so, I noticed a video on there which I re-linked back to YouTube and found this other video that a person done showing them drawing and colouring using the program. Now, watching this and thinking how beautiful the drawing was, it made me remember how much so a couple of years back I consistently drew in the manga style. It overpowered my life and my ability to draw real people (however, it did help with proportions, but face-wise, I lost it completely). So because of that, I gave up doing it as a full-fledged illustrative form and instead did it as doodles. From doing that for about three years now, I have gradually gained the ability to draw properly, even if sometimes it does slack, but it was an improvement to what I did before. But I felt that every time I tried drawing in the manga style, I couldn’t and it would always turn out wrong, and eventually started believing that I was losing the ability to do so.

But after watching another video by that same person (they were drawing an anime girl using watercolour pencils), I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to draw like that again, so I switched off the laptop, got paper, and all of my materials and started drawing, Although, at first, I didn’t know what to do but somehow, in a very strange way, I felt that the pencil was guiding me and in ten minutes I finished the sketch. Looking at it, I was so pleased and just thought to myself that I can still draw like that, it just took a little inspiration to kick it back in. Then I started thinking how to colour it, and I wanted to use pencils, but I didn’t want to use pen to outline as I wouldn’t get the desired outcome I was visualising. So I took a risk in something I’ve never really done before, and only use colouring pencils (black for outlines and obviously full colour for the rest). I stared at it again, and was getting even more excited. I rubbed out the pencil lines as careful as I could, and started colouring it in. I did the face first, doing darker tones then the light, and it was the same response for the hair, dark -> medium -> light tones. The eyes were done last, as I wanted to see how the rest turned out, and in the end, it did turn out well, perhaps better than I expected after not doing a big piece like this for so long. Overall, this took me about 30-40 minutes.

So this is the visual step-by-step of how I approached this mini task:



Final drawing (scanned):

I was so pleased with the final outcome. Never thought I could do this again but I did, and may actually continue on pursuing it as well as drawing in other forms as well ^__^