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One Amazing Hyper Japan Day!

28 Feb

The weekend has passed and just thought I’d say that Hyper Japan Spring 2012 was absolutely awesome!!!

It was in a much bigger place than last summer’s event, and there was so much to see! Unfortunately we didn’t get as many good photos as expected, but there will still be some to show =]

But the start of the day was quite hectic as I started feeling unwell Friday evening (had an extremely sore throat and blocked nose–I was hoping it was gonna go away throughout the day but it didn’t). It resulted to carry on towards Saturday morning where my boyfriend said we shouldn’t go cos of how I felt but I really wanted to. I’ve been waiting since the last event to go to this one. Besides, it was just a sore throat that only made it difficult to drink. So we made a deal that if I got any worse throughout the event we’re going back home.

So we pushed on and left the house to get to Cockfosters Station by 8am and got on the train to eventually arrive at Earl’s Court/West Brompton Station(s) which took around 45 minutes. When we got to the place it was filled with a queue of people but because I cleverly bought fast track tickets, it meant we were in a shorter queue that was allowed to go first when the doors opened ^^

So we waited. And waited. And waited. We were there about half an hour earlier so it was building up the excitement. When we got in, OMG it was beautiful! I was getting all worked up seeing everything. And the first thing my boyfriend and I saw was a Suzuki car, and we both fell in love with it.

My boyfriend, Ryan, passed his driving test about two months ago and when he saw this car he just desperately wanted it. And here it is with my gorgeous boy in it ^_^

As you can see in the background, there was gameage as well. There was one called Saint Seiya where you’re basically this guy in a well-designed armour suit and you have to beat everyone up. As Ryan played on it and was doing extremely well, I noticed a few people have been watching him ^_~

 There was also some extremely gorgeous dresses, or Lolita dresses, and kimonos, for sale, but it was unfortunate to not get them because of the price. One day I will!

Another awesome thing was the food (can’t help it that I’m a food lover) and there was so much to choose from! There was a stall however, that did this shaved ice with syrup, more syrup, and fresh fruit. I chose to have a ‘Mango nice’. It was yummy! >w< There was also some snack stuff, like Eby Fry (basically deep-fried prawns) and fried squid balls. Ryan had some duck spring rolls and some pork things which were yummy also! From the same stall(which was called Bento Cafe) Ryan also had this miso soup which had bean sprouts, chicken and I think it was spring onion. I took a couple of sips cos it was gorgeous! I could have drunk the soup on its own really in a very large cup :p

Here is the image of the shaven ice dessert we had (not the one I had exactly, just the one they had on display)

At 11 o’clock we had the privilege of having Japanese actress and singer Natsuko Aso performing some of her songs which I was bopping along to. She was so nice and pretty and cute, and an absolutely amazing singer. We had to call her Na-Chan ^^

Here is a video clip from the Hyper Japan website (scroll down to see it). I also recorded one but it’s taking ages to upload onto Flickr so once it’s set up I’ll see if to post it on here.

Anyways, we also had the opportunity to get Na-Chan’s CD and have it signed by her!!! It cost a bit (£35) but I believe it is definitely worth it having a live performance from her, photo with her and the signed album.

And here you go, the signed album:

And here she is posing (was posing for a picture for someone else, but we sort of took the opportunity at the same time ;D)

And here is Ryan and myself with her, but not as glamorous (referring to me, not Na-Chan) =]

That was the major highlight of the day. After the live performance, we walked around a bit more and I managed to get my usual stock intake of manga (which was slightly cheaper than what I get in stores surprisingly!) as well as some DVDs I can’t get hold of in here anymore as a UK company that did distribute anime has stopped and I wasn’t able to finish the series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles season 2, that I was collecting. But I found US imports of the anime plus OVAs (original video animation — which meant that they went straight to DVD rather than be viewed first on tv etc). When I saw them I was so shocked and just kept telling Ryan: “Look what I found! Ryan, look! Look!” And luckily, they play on Ryan’s PS3 and I was soooo happy ^_____^ And Ryan bought a Godzilla metal figure which looked really cool.

After about 6 hours or so there we left and went to Leicester Square to get the new PSVita (for Ryan) and to my favourite manga/anime store, Tokyo Toys. We noticed that their signage has changed to mirror letters so we took a pic of it. And in there I bought a Sailor Moon wallet which I was so shocked in seeing and called out to Ryan a number of times to point out what I found.

After that, we went back to Ryan’s place and happily remembered all the things that happened. And that was our amazing day ^______^

And I hope next time to do my cosplay!!!

One Little Happy Sailor Fox

24 Feb

The days are just getting better for me!

Let alone has Hyper Japan started and I’m going to it tomorrow with my boyfriend, I have delivered to my door the original Sailor Moon Japanese soundtrack from 1996. And OMG it’s awesome!!!

Thank you eBay! ^____________^

The Busy Bean

22 Feb

Although I was feeling fine earlier today, right now I am not a very well Fox.

This is me right now:

But I’ll try to do this post as there is a bit to talk about since I last mentioned anything.

BE AWARE: a lot of PDF files in this post

All three modules, Portfolio Development, Professional Design Practice and Digital Narratives have all been interesting so far. Deadlines for tasks for all modules are coming fast so sometimes it does feel a bit swamped. But so far I have managed to cope ^-^’

The first part of the assignment for Digital Narratives involves us in doing research on a particular narrative topic and I chose to do animation. So far I have done basic research into the history and different types of animation and this is my presentation and presentation notes which I presented in today’s lesson. Lots of p’s there…. =/

Further research will involve me looking more into different types of stop motion animation and traditional and modern animators who involve themselves in this technique.

I will also discuss how stop motion conveys emotions or any forms of narrative and eventually pick out which type I’ll do. The reason I chose this kind of animation out of all of them is because I like the quirkiness of it and strange to say but I always found it cute seeing inanimate objects move and become all personified. Also it seems more fun (although time-consuming!) to do.

A full-blown presentation will come up in Week 7 (it’s now Week 3).

Portfolio Development has us working on two assignments right now. I’ll talk about the first one we were given:

Called Ripped from the News and from this we had to select 5 headlines from newspapers and design posters that are as reductive as possible. It was hard but I managed it somewhat, and I thought I’d put up the first part of the assignment. Currently I’m planning on digitising four of the posters (the 4th article, which should be the ‘Fabulous at 50!‘ article, I scrapped in the end) — as finals it is two to select as A2 poster formats.

The second assignment is taken from book publishing company Penguin/Puffin who are holding a competition for students in higher Art/Design education. The book jackets we have to design, for the assignment, is one of the books outlined in the competition brief: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey and Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (the competition itself mentions that we can submit one design for both the adult and children’s book).

I am ashamed to say that I have never read any of these books (or seen the ‘…Cuckoo’s Nest’ film) until now (the books that is — not the film). Bought them both in a bookstore last Tuesday and have been reading them when I have the chance. I’m enjoying both and don’t know which one to do. So I might do both for the competition itself and pick one for the assignment. Have some ideas jotted down for them both anyways ^^

Finally, the Professional Design Practice module. With this we have been given weekly tasks to do. Our first task was also taken from a competition that was held by Palgrave/BFI which asked to produce a book cover (only the front) of the 1973 film Don’t Look Now by Nicolas Roeg, with the book by Mark Sanderson. The book mentions of the themes in the film and an interview with Roeg.

I bought the film and watched it all the way through. Was interesting, but weird… Anyways, here is the book cover I designed using Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 (white line is bleed mark):

It looks better on screen than when I printed it on my home computer ._. details are better shown…

You can view the process here. (In case you wonder, I used printscreens I took from the film to do this cover and I did a mock version, shown in the pdf, using those printscreens).

The second task we did was to write up an editorial article (consisting approx. 500 words, 1 image relating to article, title header and 2 columns) based on Identity in the Digital Age. We had to look into the topic and also research on layouts and legible fonts suitable for this type of media. In the end I found a few things on online posts and newspapers/online newspaper articles.

We also had to do a 10-20 point manifesto as a list style containing personal contextualisation and specific aims positioning our future.

Here is the article and manifesto and the printscreens of how I did the image.

Both use Kozuka Gothic Pr6N and Calibri font.

Our next task, which is in for this coming Monday, is to do a self brand and come up with logo designs for ourselves.

Anyways, now I’m tired, my hand and arm hurts from all this typing, and throughout it all I began feeling better *yay*

And I’m really, REALLY, REALLY looking forward to this Saturday for Hyper Japan after 4 months of waiting since buying tickets ^______^

Anime. Manga. Games. And Japanese culture and food galore! <(^o^)>

Night, night!


14 Feb

Apologies for no new things cropping up. Started the second half of my second year last week and already I feel there’s quite a bit to do. It’s understandable as we have to take it more seriously as it’s a year and a half until graduation. Deadlines are now more sooner rather than later, which is good in some ways… I think. But anyways, my new modules are:

  • Professional Practice
  • Portfolio Development
  • Digital Narratives

They’re not bad modules this term, and what they involve is quite interesting. We’ll see what happens…

I’ll talk more about them another day when I’m not so busy. Oh, and I also got good marks on my previous modules, so all is wonderful and I’m happy ^^