Update: FMP & Professional Presentation

16 Apr

So it has been a while since I made a new post on here about my projects. A lot has been done and will need to start on producing the final outcomes.

Heights have been an interesting project so far, and trying to conquer my fear had its highs and lows.

So far I have been to the:

Millennium Bridge

Tower Bridge

The Monument

Emirates Cable Car

Alton Towers (theme park)

I revisited the Millennium Bridge once more and will do the same for the Monument this week. Unfortunately there were more places I wanted to go, but restrictions or no contact was made possible for it to happen.

There’s been panic, screaming, crying, dizziness, basically everything to do with acrophobia.

Mostly with the research I have to create visuals from them, so here are a few, created from either first or second-hand research:







There’s more but the post would take too long, about 30+ images have been created from the research. Once the book created for this project is done I’ll post up the 37+ page spreads as a pdf :p

For now I have a bit more research to do and planning out the final outcome, which will be a box filled with activities/illustrations that will convey the fear so people understand acrophobia more than what it is.

As for my Professional Presentation module, we have been planning our exhibition for the New Designers and designing posters/logos for it. With the project that is planned to be redone was a project done back in my first university year.

A character design assignment (and found here also), I created a character called Chu, who was a young fox who chased its tail and bit the top off, giving him the name. I created a short story of it, called Chu’s Tales, along with the plush, and never posted it on here, so I’ll post the short now:


I always wanted to develop this into an actual children’s book and create more stories for Chu’s Tales, so now is my time to do so. The story is being developed a bit more in terms of aesthetics and producing it in a book-style format. Just wait and see what happens : )

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