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It’s Coming To An End!

26 Sep

So Ryan will be back home later today. The amount of times he was told he was going home next day then not, really made him angry, and made me annoyed also. But today is guaranteed it since the discharge papers are going through.

After a few days of being admitted something not so pleasant happened. Because they didn’t decide to drain out the abscess, it….burst : / It wasn’t nice from what Ryan was telling me what had happened, and it caused an open wound that had to be continuously dressed and cleaned. For this also, Ryan had to be pumped full of antibiotics to flush out the toxins caused by the abscess and it seemed to have improved his health very well. Especially now that he has got his appetite back, though putting back the weight is an issue for him as Ryan lost almost 6 stone from the problems caused by the gall bladder and he wants to keep that weight down (bless him!). So we’re planning on going to the gym together soon.

All that is left now is for Ryan to be given loads of chemical plasters/dressings to help rebuild the skin on the wound, get given medicine and wait for the phone call to pick him up ^_____^ Every now and then he has to see the after care nurse to check up how it is going.

And unfortunately after what has happened these last months, due to the stress I have had a few health problems creeping up a lot more recently than normal so I need to eventually call up my doctor’s for my blood test results. Shouldn’t be much of a problem hopefully for uni, but from what Ryan and my doctor has said what it’s most likely I have (which is either lactose intolerance (which I believe) or irritable bowel syndrome/IBS (which Ryan and doctor believes)), it may cause days where I might miss classes as stress or anything I have eaten or anything in general can make it worse.

One thing goes then another comes up. Never seems to end for us! : p

Update from Yesterday

22 Sep

So this morning we received a call from Ryan. He was not too happy as he hardly slept and doctors kept coming in prodding and asking him about the abdominal pain. They were very adamant about it being appendicitis although the swelling/pain Ryan was having was below the navel area and not anywhere near the left or right side. But they didn’t seem to listen. And you could hear down the phone how Ryan was getting really angry, upset and stressed, and believe me, I have seen his anger and it’s not pretty… Especially for the fact he was not allowed to eat or drink (for no reason given to him)

An hour or so later we got another call from him mentioning that the head doctor, what we believe, had an earful with the other doctors and told them to leave Ryan alone and let her deal with the patient as she knows what was going on from reading his medical notes. And lo and behold, we found out that he has abscess. So now they are pumping him full of antibiotics and loads of other stuff to get rid of it and if it does not clear up, it needs to be removed surgically. But Ryan was happy that he was given the clear to eat and drink now.

But problem now was tracking down the doctor who operated on Ryan as it is rare for a gall bladder patient to have abscess (more so an infection but not really that) and to see what exactly happened on the day. Especially for the fact he was sent home quickly where from what the head doctor said Ryan should have stayed until at least Wednesday. We found out also that the surgeon should have come back to see Ryan and if there was any development on the same day, which never happened (as I am witness to that as I was there for practically the whole of the visiting hours).

Plus, we also found out that as Ryan could not swallow properly and his larynx was swollen, it was due to the camera tube going down his throat and scraping it. But it looks like it is healing now.

So it’s still not good news. Don’t know how long he has to be in hospital for, but I really wish for him to be back tomorrow. He doesn’t deserve this after what he has been through all these months.

Who Would Think That Cats Can Multitask?

22 Sep

Just been watching one of Ryan’s kitties, called Anna, scratching and sticking her tongue in and out at the same time. Was quite amusing. Right now she is on my lap and does not want to get off no matter what I do!

As for Ryan, he had his operation on the Monday that passed, was discharged on Tuesday, and today is back in A&E due to an infection caused by the wound near his navel. It got worse this morning with increased pain and fever and when we went back to hospital they first thought he would need another operation but to remove his appendix as both appendicitis and gall stones have similar symptoms (by the way, it turned out that he had more stones than they thought, size of small air rifle pellets and practically filled up a small jar). Anyways after scans and numerous tests they believed it to be an infection and not appendicitis. So after 10 hours of being in hospital he was finally properly admitted. And as he is in A&E on drips by himself, I am also by myself (although with his parents and two cats) in his room. But it really isn’t the same without him. So I think little Anna and Daisy (Anna and Daisy are sisters — tortoise-shell kitty cats) are keeping mummy company so she doesn’t feel lonely ^_^ although really I wish to be with Ryan so he isn’t lonely all night…
Oh, if there are loads of mistakes, I apologise as I’m doing this on an iPod. But let’s hope Ryan’s troubles are the last of it now. It never seems to end for him. My poor boy. Hopefully he is sleeping well tonight.

Finally, There Is Some…

13 Sep

Good news! Ryan has an operation date of 17 September, so this coming Monday. It will be done through keyhole surgery, called Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy where they’ll make small incisions in the lower abdomen, and remove the gall bladder. Once a gall bladder has gall stones, it needs to be fully removed otherwise you are more prone in getting it again.

They say after removal as it’s not a heavy surgery a patient can return home later on in the day or day after if there are no complications, otherwise that would be a number of days, and it takes 1-3 weeks of recovery, more if needed. We were told this through a consultation that happened on Monday morning, and the nurse was very informative. Unfortunately, the weekend that did pass Ryan had another attack which was quite severe. Spent just over six hours (9pm-5:30am) in A&E with him on a drip filled with antibiotics, with him also have been pumped with two doses of morphine, two strong tramadol tablets and gas and air. Eventually the pain subsided after a long wait and we were able to go back home. The doctors said though that if by the weekend something does happen *touch wood it doesn’t*, the operation date would have to be postponed as it’s a risk whilst the gall bladder is inflamed to operate.

Hopefully it goes well.

Mercury Power, Make Up!

13 Sep

I created this quite a few weeks back, but never bothered posting until now.

So enjoy the second Sailor Scout to enter in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Mercury!