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A New Look

22 Mar

As you have probably noticed, my blog has had some slight changes. After about two years of having the same page, I felt that it needed to be freshened up. Especially with the end of the uni year coming up in a few months. But no worries, The Fox Blog will still be filled with the same stuff as always!

I’ll post up another blog post soon about the Final Major Project and Professional Presentation. So keep a look out! ^_^

The Sleepy Bean

18 Dec

This week is the last week before the Christmas break, and so far this term has been probably the most worked term ever in my educational lifetime. I have never stayed up so many times in so many consecutive nights in so few months.

And this is me right now struggling with doing any work whilst this mind of mine is trying to drift off into dream land.Sleepy-Bean


3 Dec

There has been  a few more changes needed for the calendar and musical posters. And all will come up eventually once done : )

And new projects will be talked about!

Persuasive Design Update

9 Oct

So my phone number/Facebook idea failed completely. Therefore resorting to one of my last measures. Which finally worked although many of my plans for it had to be altered. But all will be told another day when I’m in a less tired state.

Right now, I am busy writing up my findings in rough before neatening it up in my book.

It’s Coming To An End!

26 Sep

So Ryan will be back home later today. The amount of times he was told he was going home next day then not, really made him angry, and made me annoyed also. But today is guaranteed it since the discharge papers are going through.

After a few days of being admitted something not so pleasant happened. Because they didn’t decide to drain out the abscess, it….burst : / It wasn’t nice from what Ryan was telling me what had happened, and it caused an open wound that had to be continuously dressed and cleaned. For this also, Ryan had to be pumped full of antibiotics to flush out the toxins caused by the abscess and it seemed to have improved his health very well. Especially now that he has got his appetite back, though putting back the weight is an issue for him as Ryan lost almost 6 stone from the problems caused by the gall bladder and he wants to keep that weight down (bless him!). So we’re planning on going to the gym together soon.

All that is left now is for Ryan to be given loads of chemical plasters/dressings to help rebuild the skin on the wound, get given medicine and wait for the phone call to pick him up ^_____^ Every now and then he has to see the after care nurse to check up how it is going.

And unfortunately after what has happened these last months, due to the stress I have had a few health problems creeping up a lot more recently than normal so I need to eventually call up my doctor’s for my blood test results. Shouldn’t be much of a problem hopefully for uni, but from what Ryan and my doctor has said what it’s most likely I have (which is either lactose intolerance (which I believe) or irritable bowel syndrome/IBS (which Ryan and doctor believes)), it may cause days where I might miss classes as stress or anything I have eaten or anything in general can make it worse.

One thing goes then another comes up. Never seems to end for us! : p