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The Proposal ♥

13 Feb

A few posts ago I mentioned about a certain occasion that happened not too long ago…. After four and a half years of being together, Ryan proposed to me ^___^

And this is the video. Enjoy and have a few laughs:


Throughout the video my face seems a bit filled with embarrassment… Mainly because I am wearing a headband from the anime/manga Naruto, which I’m not a fan of haha! But it was certainly fun! (Makes me excited to cosplay as Sailor Mars once that’s done!) I was told Ryan planned this with Hideki (the Tokyo Toys manager) for 8 months. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that! And not once did I work it out!

On the last part of the video I mentioned something which isn’t exactly clear. I basically said that on our first date Ryan and I were walking around Leicester Square’s Trocadero Centre and we came across the store. Since then we have been regular customers, coming in at least once or twice a month ^^

It was meant to have taken place on the Saturday 2nd February, but I fell ill that day and Ryan got annoyed at that, which I didn’t understand why until we went on the Sunday when I did feel well. Guess it was meant to be.

I joked that since we had our first date here as well as our proposal, we should have a Tokyo Toys wedding too! : p

I will never forget this day ^__^