Long Time No Speak!

15 Jun

Hey everyone! It’s been a few months since I have posted anything. It’s been really hectic getting everything done on time for the last ever hand-ins. Now it is mainly over I can talk about them!

So my Final Major Project was handed about two weeks ago. It was a very good experience, and having to face my fear of heights was a major factor. I went to a lot of places: Millennium and Tower Bridge, The Monument, Emirates Cable Car, and Alton Towers. As well another visit to The Monument and Millennium Bridge.

From it all, there was crying, panic, sweating and dizziness, but I came through and survived! Yay!

Just to give you an outlook of the project as it progressed, this is the Development Book I had to produce as part of the module, combining most of my research and drawings into it, from beginning to end. It is a long book, so I won’t blame you if you don’t read it all. But have fun viewing my expressions at Alton Towers!

Development Book

Overall my fear of height has progressed a bit. I’m not so bad when it comes to escalators now, but there are still slight pauses. Gaps between stairs and transparent flooring still gets to me, and getting on bunk beds seem to be fine. It’s getting there slowly, so perhaps one day I will overcome it. Just don’t ever make me do parachute jumping or anything similar!

But the final for this, as noted in the development book, is a box with collections of illustrations and activities for one who does not have this fear, to help them experience the feelings that is felt for someone who is acrophobic.

The posters, two portray as an advertisement for the Acrophobia box, whereas the first one is an advertisement for what would be a collection of boxes that contain fears, or the top ten fears known.

Here are better photos of the finals for you to see:









It was really hard making this box and so many problems were faced with it, so I hope I don’t have to make anything like this again, haha! But that’s it for the Final Major Project. Finally over after five months.

Professional Presentation, the other module we had to do. If you remember we were given the task to develop an old project, and I chose to redo my Chu book, and in the end I recreated into an actual book.

Chu’s Tale: How Little Fox Gets A Name

Along with it I created a finger puppet that the parent can use to interact with their child throughout the story:

I’m not fantastic at sewing, and I don’t have any embroidery skills therefore the eyes, stitches, nose and ear details are done in permanent pen, where the white bit of the paws was done using tip-ex. They were glued using strong glue stick :)

I also had to make some business cards, but they will be changed as a few problems are still surfacing trying to cut the hole in the middle. Either success or no success achieved in doing it, and I have attempted to find places that can do die-cutting for a reasonable price, but doesn’t seem to be anywhere.. Here they are though, and once I make my new ones I’ll post them up.

The reason behind the circle is related to the quote at the front at the bottom: The Life of an Illustrator. Seeing that you look through the other side for your answer, where it will show you my name and details. This then leads on the process of what an illustrator does, as what I call a ‘typical cycle’ of an illustrator, from beginning to end, each project involves a client giving a brief > creating designs > developing idea > finalising idea > end product. Then this repeats time and time again.

We were also required to make a website with our work, and here is mine if you have time to roam: Portfolio

Eventually I might change the website so to make it more personalised, but I’ll see how this goes at first.So that’s all the coursework done!! *party time*But in all reality, it is really shocking now to think it is finally over after three years. This blog was created in the second half of my first year at university, and it has seen highs and lows faced throughout it. And I appreciate all you followers out there and taking the time to read my blog. This blog will continue though, and there is one last thing that will happen.

In early July there is a yearly event called New Designers which exhibits many universities, and the design students’ work. My whole class is involved (in Part 2 of ND), and I’m in charge of the layout of our stand. We are also having a website of our work set up so once that’s up I’ll place it on here for everyone to see :)Promo material and our business cards will be available on the day itself, so that’s why I am working on redoing my cards. I’m also gonna do mini handouts of Chu’s Tale.It’s tough at the moment, and trying to get everyone involved is another matter altogether, but we can do it!More updates eventually coming soon ^____^

2 Responses to “Long Time No Speak!”

  1. Mark Armstrong July 4, 2013 at 17:03 #

    My Dear Young Brilliant Creative Fox–!

    Lovely post, superb job on all your projects! I’m most impressed, and my apologies for being late getting here.

    Your Final Major Project was an extraordinary effort. I leafed thru the entire Development Book, and saw how you developed your concepts– excellent. I was astounded at the 3-dimensional nature of the result. Did you have to contract with that novelty/specialty company to have all the items manufactured to your specifications? It must have taken an enormous amount of prep and design work, as well as hands-on follow-up.

    Loved the Little Fox book, read the whole story, and really loved that finger puppet complete with stitched tail– brilliant job! I could see a parent reading it to a very young child, using the puppet, and scoring a huge hit. Your style is perfect for early childhood stories that help strike that essential spark of imagination in a child’s mind.

    Have you thought about submitting it to a children’s book publisher?

    Really liked that hole in the business card, taking advantage of your surname– very striking! I can see where it’d be difficult/expensive getting a card design like that produced, but it’s so novel, it might be worth it. An alternative might be to eliminate the cut-out, fill the ‘O’ with black, and superimpose white text or your cartoon image/face.

    Anyway, congrats on a super job, and good luck with the New Designers exhibit!! : )

    • Sabine July 18, 2013 at 21:15 #

      No apologies needed Mark, better late than never! ^_^
      It’s always great to see you popping by.

      I am impressed you went through the development book! How you managed to keep your concentration on it astounds me, haha. The main reason it turned out as that piece was to help it become a collective. It was really hard to try and find a way of creating a final that incorporated everything as well as trying to get the viewer to feel what I felt. So in the end it turned out to be that. But I didn’t have to contact the company, it was more so using it as an inspiration and development of the project. Everything was created by my own hands, and I hope to never have to make that same box again! It was a nightmare doing it and the multiple failures that came with it. But thank you so much! Perhaps I’ll post up images of the cards itself so it can be viewed better one by one :)

      Thank you! I am so happy with how Chu’s Tale turned out, never thought I’d be able to deliver such a realistic product, let alone a children’s book. I am thinking of sending it to publishers at some point and see what comes out of it. In the New Designer’s show I made tons of mini preview handouts which I gave to people, where they could also view the whole book online.

      The business card was great, I really loved it and like you said it’s such a novel thing but unfortunately it got scrapped as you know from the other post.

      Thank you so much for your delightful comment as always! ^_^

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