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A Nintendog and His/Her Owner

10 Aug

So my boyfriend and I together bought a Nintendo 3DS and a couple of games for it. One of the games is the 3D Nintendogs & Cats which I chose. I picked a dog, a  Shiba, and named her Chi (the name came from one of my favourite anime/mangas). For a pixellated dog, she was really cute and after a while of calling her name, making her do tricks, my boyfriend was staring at me in such a weird way as all you could hear me say was “Chi!”, “sit”/”lie down”/”roll over”, “good girl” etc etc like she was an actual dog.

In the end though we decided to keep the 3DS at his house, so he has to look after Chi during the week whilst I looked after her during the weekend. When we talked it out it sounded like as if we were having a divorce and working out the days we could have her.

But we didn’t realise the problem that would surface. As Chi’s recognition was my voice, my boyfriend noticed she wouldn’t listen to him, command-wise or when he wanted to call her. Eventually it worked out as he did some mumbo-jumbo stuff with the mii (your profile). But then when it was my turn to have Chi again, she wouldn’t listen to me or my commands, and she wouldn’t listen to him either. It was quite annoying. And when she did listen to one of us, she wouldn’t perform the tricks we told her to do and instead do a different one (e.g. I told her to ‘sit up’, but instead she decided to spin around).

So below is an illustration of this fiasco (click for larger image).