Final Semester: The Arrival

23 Feb

So it has been two weeks now since I went back to the last term of my third and final uni year, which brings up the subject of marks which I got in the last semester.

Good news — all three modules resulted in 2:1 (Upper Second), which I never got before in my time studying. There’s usually a lower second or a first somewhere but this time around they are all the same grade, though them being different marks in the 60’s range. Some of them weren’t far off from a first either! So hopefully that will help me in the final part in getting a really good grade at the end. I’m really chuffed about it ^_^

For the second semester, we only have two modules:

Professional Presentation

Final Major Project

The Professional Presentation will involve in us going back into previous works from either the third year or any other year in our time at the university to help develop our portfolio, and there are a few things which I might consider in redoing or developing. We can also have stuff that we have done in our own time, so I’m hoping some things will get added. But it all depends on what my tutor thinks.

We also have to produce 6(+) typographic CVs, which can not be just a simple format. We have to show our design intellectual with it (layout/use of typography etc). Right now I’m working on those and pretty much finished them, and next week we have CV workshops with one of our tutors so we’ll see what he says. Problem I have is that I didn’t realise the amount of qualifications I have…. It fits half of an A4 page! So I’m going to query about whether to include them all or just the important ones (like English/Art/Graphics etc).

Later on this year we have to attend a design show that will display our work to help promote ourselves and get possible employers. The show includes many other design based graduates from other universities so there will be some competition. But it’s all good, right? As they say, there’s nothing like some healthy competition!

The design show is called New Designers. With it though the whole year 3 group of my course will have to co-operate to produce the show for us as best as possible. So fingers crossed when that day comes!

As for the Final Major Project (or FMP I’ll call it), this is the major one, as you can guess by its name. This is the one that we have to create our own project, produce our own brief/proposal, write our own plan for the weeks ahead, and just basically do it. We were allowed to do anything we want, just as long as it can be prolonged to 10-14 weeks, we don’t have a finalised idea already set, and we can do a lot of first-hand research.

At first we had to come up with and produce some concept of three ideas.

My ideas were:

  1. Cats I Know/Have Known and Their Personalities
  2. Heights
  3. Simplifying rooms to their most basic shapes

For Idea 1, I wanted to do this because I’m basically a cat lover. The road I live in is full of cats. Since the age of seven years when we moved there, I have been surrounded by them. But overall, I personally know 5 cats. Four belonged to my neighbour (1 is still around), and another is a stray cat that has been sort of adopted by people who have seen him. As well as them, there are 4 that I know/have known over on Ryan’s part of the field: 2 sisters, 1 that passed a few years ago (who I also had a strong bond with), and a stray that we call Mo. Overall, I personally know/have known 9 cats altogether. Another reason of choosing this idea was because of the recent passing of one of my favourite cats, which was why I wanted to do it.

The concept of it was just based on a profile of one of the cats, or specifically, the stray in my area, who I refer to as Gingy (other people name him other names):


I did do another idea (because I wanted to do this topic so badly I tried to persuade my tutors to agree!) that was based on character design. basically portraying the cat as a human. With this, I did Little Miss Muppet, a cat of my neighbour’s. Hopefully you can see some of her personality in it.


(All the photographs of the cats were taken by me on random days they visited throughout the years. I always like to try to capture them at their cutest and loveliest moments!)

Idea 2 is based on my fear of heights. I have had this fear since the age of nine (now being the age of 22 and going to be 23 later this year), I still remember to this day how it came about and events that happened that I squirmed over. Simple things like standing on chairs or tables, going on escalators, gaps between flights of stairs, shopping malls…. Yeah, pretty much the simplest of things that no one would think would affect people, affect me. But even going near the edge of a bridge and looking down gets me all in a panic!

So this idea was pretty much trying to face my fear and attempting to overcome it. And here is a concept of the idea:


I dreaded standing on that table! Oh, and excuse the mess!

Idea 3 was based on something I read in a book I was referred to for the module, although not the same thing. It’s a bit complicated to explain, but I hope I can explain it well. Basically photograph rooms or areas of rooms and simplify them to their most basic shapes.

And this is what I came out with (which was originally a cabinet thing with a tv, game cases, game consoles, toys etc.


When presenting it to the tutors, Idea 3 was thrown out (which I was fine with) as I was restricted to drawing only (they want us to explore a lot… Somehow!). Idea 1 was liked by one of my tutors out of two. He said that to expand go to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and look at the cats there. Main problem: I already done that as a sabbatical for my Concept Development module last term, but it didn’t matter to him! However, in research terms it may not be able to carry on for a number of weeks.

Idea 2 was the most favourite, although the tutor who liked the cats idea preferred that idea more. But it was because it allowed me to delve deeper into the “out of the comfort zone”. It was also a reason to tap into my “dark side” as they mentioned to me before, but with them discussing areas that are high in London made me fill with complete dread! In some ways I wish I didn’t suggest that idea………… No turning back now.

So it’s finalised. My FMP will be based on my fear of heights. How will it turn out, I have no clue. Perhaps a lot of crying and not wanting to do anything! For this week, we have to do a presentation of what our project will be and the week after hand in the proposal and plan, which will finalise it in “contract form”.

Oh, and one last thing. I am one of the four people who got chosen for the calendar design for Sheraton Hotels! They took the ones they liked to discuss them over, and we will be notified once the decision is final. If I don’t get chosen, I will be disheartened, but at least I know that my work was that good for the client! If I do get chosen, however, I will certainly be thrilled!

One Response to “Final Semester: The Arrival”

  1. Mark Armstrong April 24, 2013 at 19:01 #

    Arrgghh! I’m so late getting to this excellent post! I’m embarrassed, mortified, and totally un-chuffed!! : (

    First of all: congrats on those grades, well done!! That’s what’s known as building momentum for a glorious finish to your uni career!!

    Some very intriguing ideas for your FMP. I really liked Little Miss Muppet. She definitely had that there, uh, feline grace… : )

    (Have you ever see the original Cat People? A film that dates back to the 40’s, I think. Lots of great B&W noir cinematography. Think you’d enjoy it.)

    The Fear Of Heights idea sounds excellent to me, for a rather odd reason. This may sound cynical, but it seems to me that much of modern design and “art” celebrates the flawed human being. Nothing wrong with that theme, but it’s become almost mandatory, so to speak.

    When I was young ignoramus, Batman was a very serene, well-adjusted chap. Boring, perhaps, but true-blue and sincere (!!). Then he was reinvented as a dysfunctional basket case, and he’s soared to glory ever since!!

    Please don’t misunderstand: having a fear of heights doesn’t make you a strange, dysfunctional person. I think it’s pretty common. I have a friend who’s the same way. He once had to be helped down off a stepladder. We all get flummoxed by something.

    Anyway, it sounds almost ideal for a modern artistic exploration– seriously. You may gain some insights, and very possibly help reassure others with similar fears.

    And a big congrats on being a finalist for the hotel calendars! Winning’s always nice, but there’s a lot to be said just for having one’s work recognized.

    Hope the semester’s progressing nicely, and I think you’re doing great. Again, my apologies for being so tardy! : )

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