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14 Nov

Unfortunately I could not think of a fantastic or catchy title in relation to this post, so left it at this :p

It certainly has been a while since I posted, just over two months to be exact! (So sorry! T^T)

It’s been busy as usual.. From my last post I actually got the part-time job I mentioned! So for the past 6 weeks or so I have been doing checkouts in a local supermarket. There has been good and bad moments and I have been learning a lot from the job itself. There has also been good and bad customers. But that’s what you get for retail I suppose. However, my manager, supervisors and other staff members are great!

It helps financially whilst I am still looking for other things, and helps fund for other bits and pieces every now and then that I need. Since then I have helped friends with projects so it has kept me on track with my skills, though I have been doing lots of illustration pieces in my spare time.

Talking of illustration pieces, I mentioned also in my last post that I was going to create greetings cards and hopefully create a small business out of it. Well, news now is that as of tonight I have finally finished the designs, and by tomorrow I am going to start printing them and very soon I will start selling them. Really looking forward to this and some of them (though I don’t want to blow my own trumpet as the saying goes) I absolutely adore!

Fingers crossed it goes well >w<

But just to let you know, on the 26th November, I will be having my graduation ceremony, and officially become a full fledged design graduate! *Yippie* It will certainly be fun and nerve-wracking :3

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