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A New Look

22 Mar

As you have probably noticed, my blog has had some slight changes. After about two years of having the same page, I felt that it needed to be freshened up. Especially with the end of the uni year coming up in a few months. But no worries, The Fox Blog will still be filled with the same stuff as always!

I’ll post up another blog post soon about the Final Major Project and Professional Presentation. So keep a look out! ^_^

Kitties in the Sunlight

10 Mar

This post is for Russell Deasley, whose Caturday post of kitties in the sun (either loving it or hating it) had me mention about my fiance’s/Ryan’s cat, Anna, who absolutely loves it when it is Summer time. You always see her rolling about on the ground outside, and one time when I took a photo of her doing that, she looked….. Possessed.

So here is the photo:


And this is her face in close up mode:


The Devil Kitty is what I call this photo!


And here is a nicer photo, of her sister, Daisy, who I always feel is more so elegant both in stance and manners:


But I love both of them ever so much ^_^