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End to Year 3, Semester 1

28 Jan

The first semester of my last uni year ended not too long ago, and the weeks that are going by I am enjoying the time of relaxing, playing video games, and catching up on anime and manga.

But the weeks that went during uni have been incredibly busy, and there is plenty to show : )

So from a previous post based on my calendar I had a discussion with my tutor and realised that my calendar box cover did not include anything in relation to cooking, since that is meant to be a part of it. The only way you know it is a cooking calendar is the back when it mentions it on the text. It was the most simplest thing…. I don’t even know why I didn’t think of it >.<

So it was decided what the design would look like

And this is the final calendar box digital designs:



And here is the calendar box in photo form (fastener et al) with the cards:





I wish to show you the progress of this work, but the file won’t load up for some reason ._.

There was a new brief that happened before the Christmas break, which was set up with numerous other briefs to choose from, set up by design organisation D&AD. The brief I chose was to design a new range of perfume and packaging for L’Artisan Parfumeur.

There were four scents in total, which had to be based on these human emotions:

Scent a: Passion and desire. Sex and lust. Raw and physical.

Scent b: Perfect, sublime love. An interior emotion.

Scent c: Excitement and fear. Adrenaline, exhilaration and thrill.

Scent d: Elegant and dignified. Stormy yet still.

The perfume bottle/package designs had to take a modern approach whilst still retaining the quality of L’Artisan Parfumeur. The final designs are only drawn, so no making was needed *phew*

The file below is my sketchbook work/mood boards/ other stuff that was a part of this project. Just so you know exactly why my designs have become what they are now.


Hopefully that made all sense.

Now here are the final designs of each scent, as a collection together (flat/opened/unopened), symbol collection and perfumes with its individual packaging:





Scent a: Eros

Scent a: Eros

Scent b: Utopia

Scent b: Utopia

Scent c: Dive

Scent c: Dive

Scent d: Tempest

Scent d: Tempest

All of this was done using Illustrator and its 3D effects. First time I tried using it and it was really interesting to use. The only thing I need to work out is how to do a sphere :p

For Experimental Communication, back when I did the Containment assignment, I did it wrong. It was actually meant to be you had to look into objects that are forms of containment. So I looked further into contained messages. My final solution was a fortune cookie, as the message is contained within the cookie, which is then contained within a package. So it is a containment within a containment.

Development-wise, my tutor suggested to me to make my own fortune cookies with my own messages. And I did them over the winter break. And failed. Badly. Just to say, they are harder to make than they look. Only one came out right.

So here it is:


Surprisingly, I still have it after almost a month. And it hasn’t gone mouldy. But it doesn’t have the nice smell it had at the beginning. Plus, I didn’t advise anyone to eat it because:

  1. It was not cooked fully (when not cooked fully, they’re more so like pancakes, but when they did cook, they did taste really yummy!);
  2. It fell on the floor a few times, and
  3. Ryan thought it would be fun to test out whether it could bounce once flung to the floor and cupboards, and it did… o.O’

Unfortunately I can’t remember what message was in that cookie, but below is an image of the list of my personal messages (most are made up, with at least 2 or so taken from the web as I couldn’t think of anymore):


Another assignment I had to do was create a typographical A2 poster of a famous speech, whether it is from a film or an actual person. But it has to contain a substantial part of the speech and not contain forms of illustration.

My choice was to do a speech from the 2002 film We Were Soldiers. I decided to watch the whole film and not just the part with the speech I found so that I can feel what it is like and what imagery I get from watching it. I’m not a war-film person (I’ve always found them boring every time my dad has it on) but this film I would recommend to anyone. It has a lot of tear-jerking moments and although it is to do with war (i.e. Vietnam war) it has some good parts to it. Whilst watching it there is a part in there which made me decide what my wedding song would be.

As for the speech I chose, you can see it on the link. In the film itself, it comes around 38 minutes into it, which I was surprised by as I thought it would be almost halfway it would be in. But here is the speech in text form. It is when Lt. Colonel Hal Moore speaks to his men before going into battle:

Look around you. In the 7th cavalry, we’ve got a captain from the Ukraine; another from Puerto Rico. We’ve got Japanese, Chinese, Blacks, Hispanics, Cherokee Indians. Jews and Gentiles. All Americans. Now here in the states, some of you in this unit may have experienced discrimination because of race or creed. But for you and me now, all that is gone. We’re moving into the valley of the shadow of death, where you will watch the back of the man next to you, as he will watch yours. And you won’t care what color he is, or by what name he calls God. They say we’re leaving home. We’re going to what home was always supposed to be. Now let us understand the situation. We are going into battle against a tough and determined enemy.

I can’t promise you that I will bring you all home alive. But this I swear, before you and before Almighty God, that when we go into battle, I will be the first to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off, and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all come home together. So help me, God.

The speech is incredibly powerful, and you feel so moved by it. Well, I certainly did. The imagery I got more so was referred to the battle ground and the bounding by blood. My first idea was to combine soil with red paint (making it represent blood) mixed with pva so that I could paint the words onto a fake grass canvas. That didn’t work. So my plan B was to have the words printed out in outline form and place pva glue over each letter, then sprinkling soil using a tea strainer/sieve thing. And it turned out well.


I only did 3/4’s of the speech. My tutor was very pleased with it. She then suggested that since I did try to experiment using something that could be blood, how about creating another speech in real blood. By that, she meant blood from the butchers.

I was quite hesitant at first but I did email a butcher in the area. And he contacted me back saying he would collect and store some for me. I went to collect it (and there was a lot!), then as soon as I came home I started on the piece, minus the stench from it. In the end I did get used to it, but it didn’t feel nice when it was dripping down my arm as I was using my little finger to write it as it was the best way to get the effect (brushes or using plastic gloves didn’t work as well as getting down to it with the hands!).

And this is what came out of it, the whole speech, and 8 pages long:









I’ll admit that it was fun doing it, and using such an unusual medium made it more so fun.

And that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed this long post. Right now I am working on a picture of Sailor Moon that I drew as I have been in a Moonie frenzy the last few days. So I’ll post that once it’s done : )

Overall Work Design Progress

7 Dec

There have been plenty of changes to the projects in the modules.

For the calendar, I had to do these things throughout the past weeks:

  • Firstly, make all the illustrations in a darker colour to the block colours. So no harsh black interferes with it.
  • February: Change lower heart image to something else — too many hearts in one viewing.
  • Add info to the Sheraton/UNICEF (just use text from both websites)
  • Change the typography on the front. Makes it too corporate.

Next attempt:

Well after that it was said that the images on the box front does not reflect the drawings that are inside, so place kids at the front and back instead, with the text at the back set in columns.

Did that and came out with this Calendar design. You can also see them below. But in my opinion, the front does not work well compared to the back of the box. The tutor agrees also. So the design needs to be planned out again. It might be the colours, the poses, both, or something else. But it definitely needs sorting.

(The recipes in the calendar are only examples and are from books or the internet — just so the client knows what it looks like and that each month has a recipe based on the occasion linked to that particular month).







In case you wonder, this is the box design with the cards:



The box is tied through an elastic attached to the back which comes around the front and ties around the fastener.

The musical posters have also changed, with these notes taken into account:

Closer Than Ever:

  • Change title typeface — more ‘Art Nouveau’ style
  • All type to right side in line with petal
  • Include logos and musical information

And The World Goes ‘Round:

  • Flowers smaller
  • Small text brought further down
  • Title typeface changed to a sans-serif oblique face
  • Logos and Musical information added
  • Place a yellow flower shadows  for contrast behind original flowers

And these are the final designs. Hopefully they are the final designs.



For the Between The Lines project, the idea was really liked by my tutor, who advised me to add hair to it.


That’s it for the Design Portfolio module. There is a new project that’s just started, so there’s not much to it really.

As for Experimental Communication, a lot has been going on. From developing projects more to new ones. From when I did the postcard/Foutaises project, I developed it a bit more by attempting to post out a tea bag (which from my ‘Likes’, was: I like watching a tea bag expand as you pour hot water onto it.

My first attempt in posting it resulted it coming through, but with no tea grains in the bag. When I looked at it, it was deliberately cut. As well as this, it did not get stamped on to certify that it was posted, so I had to send it through again. My second attempt resulted in tea bag not even coming through and torn off from the address tag. Again, no certify stamp so I’ll have to send another one again, fully stapled and on a bigger address tag. Hopefully third time’s a charm.

Another idea I did for the postcard was a scroll which placed all my likes/dislikes written in calligraphy writing, and tied up with a ribbon. Pretty and personal.

A new project we had to do was visual instructions, with no text. And the instructions cannot be anything simple like how to make a cup of tea. Can be anything fun or ridiculous.

This was mine: How To Take Candy From A Baby:


We have another new project, which I’ll have to read through again as it’s a bit….. I’ll just say riddle-like, but isn’t at the same time :/

For Concept Development and the Sabbatical project, in the end I produced a thaumatrope. One side had a cage and the other had a dog. When spun you would see the dog in the cage, indicating it being trapped with no freedom. When no longer spinning, the dog is free.

A new project was given, where we have to produce a 32-page book on images based from our research and development of our sabbatical. Each image, however, has to be in some form of print, whether it be photocopy, digital print, lino or screen print. The images can be found in my blog for this module.

The other day I had an assessment with my tutors from the Design Portfolio and Experimental Communication. I’m doing well so far and my research is well prepared. The main thing they told me was that I lack ‘edginess’ in my work and need to tap into my ‘dark side’. Also, although my drawings are good, they’re old but not old and needs to tap more into a contemporary form. Hopefully that made sense to you readers. But it was basically like my instructions: although in a similar drawing style to the calendar drawings, it was more contemporary due to its format and black and white style. I don’t know how I’m going to do make my work more edgy, but hopefully it will work out. I do know that they like the way I work with proper materials/objects. We’ll just wait and see.

So that’s about it until the next time : )

Works In Progress

14 Nov

So after a long while (although it’s been a week since my last post), I can be able to post up some work on here.

It’s been really busy with plentiful late nights (right now it’s gone 2:30am) and plentiful of projects keeping me going. And a few of them are coming to an end…..eventually.

So the calendar project for Sheraton Hotels and charity organisation UNICEF has been made. My tutor only specified to do at least 3 or 4 month designs to get the basic gist of what it looks like. The designs are all my own, and in my own drawing style for children (based on, as you know, my Little Cuties style). It took me a while to get it looking like this and at some point I’ll post up the photos of the actual product. For now here are the digital designs. Eventually I will show you the prep drawings also. And once I work out how to put these images as a slideshow I’ll put that on instead.

For another project, we have to do promotional material for our university partners the London College of Music, who will be doing productions of the musicals And The World Goes ‘Round, Closer Than Ever and Into The Woods. We choose two to do and I did And The World Goes ‘Round and Closer Than Ever. I have been working on these designs for the past….3 weeks. So far it’s still on the development stage of what the idea will look like, but below is the concept for the posters.

These were done using water colour on paper (for the petals/middle), scanning it in and Photoshopping/Illustrator-ing it. I’ll have to wait until Thursday to see if they’re ok, so they are not yet finished.

We were also given another mini week project from the same module (Design Portfolio) to do a typographic piece based on the phrase “Between The Lines” It doesn’t have to be digital, but needs to be experimental and sized up to 420mm x 600mm with 300dpi and CMYK mode. So far I have done two, was planning a third one but I think I’ll pass for the moment. (Edit @ 15:40 : Feeling too ill to do so and working on calendar piece at the moment which is going very slowly right now).

The first one was made from skinny post-it notes, whilst the one just above is made from bendable hair rollers (which work wonders for curls!). Afterwards they were photographed from their original environment, then photoshopped for a brighter look both in object and background. So far my favourite is the second one (hair rollers).

Experimental Communication involved a few things since the postcard. One was that presentation I did in the last post. One other project we had to do was to recreate a product into an advertisement of a certain style. My chosen product was Shell Motor Oil and the style I had to take it in was 1960s wrestling posters. For this project however I have to develop it and make changes to it so it will be posted at a later date.

Since that one, there has been another, where we have to produce a stencil for screen printing (I’m so excited for that! Last time I done it I was….16!) based on a political view that you feel strong about. For me it was against fox-hunting. I like my little wild critters so it saddens me that this “sport” still goes on behind the scenes even though there was a banning/ Hunting Act in 2004.

We had to do extensive research and many sketches for our idea, which had to be restricted to one image and one colour only. From the research I found out that it is not only the fox that gets killed/injured. The hunting dogs also follow that fate, due to road/railway lines. So my whole focus was to show the aspect that both these animals, who are really the same breed, have the same fate.

My first design (below) showed the fox and hound joined together. The use of colour was to represent blood and the colour of their coats are similar to it. However, the main problem was that it looked too intricate for a stencil, and that it does not portray the injured/killings of these animals. From what one person in my class described it as, was “a very good-looking logo for a vet“.

It was created from initial full body sketches of the fox and hound from references of these particular postures of the animals, scanned in and went over on Illustrator using the calligraphic brush tool.

My next ideas focused on an image as inspiration that my tutor for the module showed us in a presentation:

She mentioned about using a similar blood splatter effect on my piece and another student suggested to do severed heads. So I tried to combine the two. Don’t know if they work, but we’ll see on Thursday.

And last but not least, is my sabbatical. For that, I went to a behind the scenes tour of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Battersea, London. From that experience I felt a lot of emotions ranging from happy, sad, and to angry due to the dogs/cats being kept there and thinking how ‘owners’ could just dump their animals.

I can understand ones who are in financial difficulty, or that the animal got jealous of a new baby, but when I heard that one gave their dog away because they have five kids already and expecting a sixth, and deciding that now is not the time to look after a dog appalls me. Just makes me wonder how people can be so heartless.

Anyways, they were all so wonderful and I wanted to take every one of them home. There was one particular dog I liked called George, and we were told by a volunteer there that he was afraid of men, which showed when Ryan came up to his pen/kennel area. When Ryan told me to come over, George suddenly went up to the fencing bit and starting licking it and everything! It was so cute >w< Unfortunately we could not stroke the dogs due to infection risk from one animal to another, and if we did touch one (there were two instances as they were giving performances) we had to use their specialised antibiotic gel.

There was also a really fluffy ginger cat called Junior whom I also loved. And it’s happy to hear that he has been rehomed, so I hope the new owners are treating him well : )

As for the project itself, we had to produce a logo based on our experiences (which mine is the emotions I went through) and afterwards produce an artefact. I’m on my way into making it and you can find the info on here. That is my blog for the Concept Development module and on there talks of the work I have done so far to date based on that. At some point I will scan in the sketches I have done during the sabbatical. But for now, none of those ideas shown on there are what I am planning to do as a final artefact.

Also, no comments for that blog as it’s for my tutor only, but if you wish you can follow it also. Thank you ^_^

So that about wraps it up. It’s nearly 4:30am, and I’m off to bed. Night! ^_^

Note To Self: 1) Read A Brief Carefully; 2) If Not Sure, Ask!

22 Oct

So it’s been a busy few weeks, with a lot of things going on.

Still working on the calendar project, with drawing out the ideas, planning typography and colour is the main focus that needs to be sort of sorted out by next week (Week 5 of class) so to propose it to the client. We were only told of this last week… T_T So far, only two drawings have been made out of 12, and there are also puzzles, layout, and putting it together to do that I am planning…. Looks like plentiful late nights for me again *yippie*

There’s also another live brief for Design Portfolio, where with our university who is joined with the London College of Music has requested for promotional material (A3/4 posters, DL flyers, A5 programmes and online banners/announcements) for three of their five musicals they will do.

All imagery etc must be adapted to the different sizes of the promotional material. For hand-in, we only choose two of the three designs we have done. The three musicals we have to produce the material for are: Closer Than Ever, And The World Goes ‘Round, and Into The Woods. All interesting might I add, and reminds me of when in the first half of the second year we did opera posters for a typography module. That seems so long ago now… But the themes are quite broad and I’m thinking for some of them focus a bit on one of the songs or the theme of it.

Now, as for Experimental Communication, we had to produce a postcard which must be posted to our tutor, displaying our likes and dislikes in an illustrative way, but not necessarily the traditional way of illustration. It has to be sent through the post so people can see it through the travels the postcard goes through.

And silly me thought that the postcard had to be professionally printed, but I have now found out that it didn’t need to be so I wasted £15 for eight postcards I don’t need (overall 10 I ordered) when I could have done it in a cheaper way T^T

Wish I thought of emailing my tutor before doing the whole process…….. >_<

Anyways, this is the final design:

And this is the process that went into it:


With the postcard idea I wanted to take the shape as part of the formation of the text. So with the rectangle tool I drew out the shape and with the text tool selected ‘Type on a Path Tool’ where the type follows the line it is directed on. To make it in the spiral shape, I drew out another rectangle as shown above and used the second one to carry on with the next line of text.


The finalised black/white piece.


I then selected all the text and grouped it together (Ctrl+G), went onto Windows > Appearance and double-clicked the Contents tab area, which came up with Group: No Appearance.

Then with the small arrow on the top right of the Appearance tab, I clicked on Add New Fill which allowed me to select a new colour for it. I chose a rainbow gradient style.


I didn’t like the linear form it took as it felt too separate and wanted it as one continuous flow. So I went onto the Gradient tab, where it says ‘Linear’, clicked the arrow tab and selected ‘Radial’, allowing the colours to form in a circle.


Through the printing website, it mentioned of making it into outlines by Type > Create Outlines which allows the text to maintain its format settings. Tip: If you plan to do Create Outlines, make sure your type is the right size beforehand as once done you cannot adjust the point size.

So that’s the steps in creating the postcard. I just hope my tutor is not mad at me when I emailed her saying that I may not have the card delivered to me before our lesson on Thursday, and that instead I bring in a draft copy and send the actual piece to her once it comes through : /

(Why did I make it so complicated for myself?!)

All I can say is that I realised now that I misinterpreted the brief when it said: “remember your card is open to the public so try to produce ideas both high in quality and concept“.

Besides this, there is also a presentation we have to do consisting of only 3 images/instances (not including any friends/family) which lasts for five minutes detailing why those images have influenced and helped shape us as a designer. That will be done soon, but the deadline is Week 6 (now being Week 4).

Anyways…. For Concept Development, there has been a few things progressing from it. In one of our lessons we had to produce collages depicted our two words (which were Suspend and Sleep). Both sketches done in the previous post , although are good, it needs to portray the essence of suspended sleep. The first one, only one person’s sleep is broken, whilst the other the feeling of falling is a good aspect.

So from magazine cut-outs, I did two collages that demonstrates such thing:

My tutor (for this module) liked the imagery used to portray it. Gave a somewhat dreamy feel to it (for obvious reasons of course!).

Our next task was to produce a triptych (3 panels) with a solution to our words. It had to be either a Powerpoint or printed visual. This was mine:

And this was the Powerpoint for it: SabineFox_SuspendSleep

Here is a critique post I have written from a blog I have to do as part of this module:

Although the transition effect (fade; three seconds per slide) works well with the concept of ‘Suspend Sleep’, the triptych as a whole does not communicate it well enough for the viewer to fully understand the meaning behind it until perhaps the last slide which is the only slide that reflects on any notion of sleep.

Therefore, all slides need to show sleeping in a form that can be in a continuous structure within the triptych.

I feel that the fonts fully demonstrate ‘Suspend Sleep’ as the doubling up of ‘Falling’ in Colonna MT (287pt) font helps to provide movement due to its linear structure and gaps within each letter, whilst with ‘in your dreams’ in Gabriola (60pt) font helps to reflect the relaxed state a person is in when asleep as well as the mind being in an unconscious state.

However, the ‘in your dreams’ part of the triptych, although helps to show the side of sleeping, does not completely show it as one may think of it as actually dreaming of falling rather than sleeping. With this in mind, there needs to be another way of portraying the sleep part of the triptych that can also be more visual to the viewer. An example would be using multiples of the letter ‘z’ on the background.

Choosing the colours shown I first felt that it would help with the contrast and allow the sections to also be distinguished, however, another colour such as dark blue would possibly be better to use for either the words or background to portray the theme of night.

If needs be that I think more for it, I have to add it on. I’ll have to make a few changes, so eventually they’ll be a new one ^_^

As well as this, there is also another brief for this module, where we have to take a 3-5 hour mini-sabbatical which must invest in time, money, not being lazy and must be recorded in some way like photographs or video etc. So I’m still sorta thinking of something good…. Just don’t know yet!

New Uni Year. New Me. New Projects.

5 Oct

A brand new Uni year has finally arrived. Just finished my first week of lessons (well, two days worth) and it has not been so bad. Obviously it’s only just started so there’s no major pile up yet. The first semester has three modules, and the second will have two.

The new modules we are taking on for the first semester are:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Design Portfolio
  3. Experimental Communication

Concept Development and Experimental Communication so far only involves mini briefs and are quite interesting.

I’ll refer all modules through initials: CD, DP, and EC.

So far in CD we had to choose a word from a list given to us, and the word I picked was ‘Sleep’. It was the only word I felt stood out to me in the list and the first thing that came to mind was dreams, stages of sleep, sleep walking/talking.

I researched and gathered information on the word, absence of it and its effects, how much sleep needed, and the stages of sleep (REM and Non-REM). Afterwards, we got given two choices: take a lucky dip to pick a new word, or add a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to the word and find the associations linked with it.

I chose the lucky dip and got the word ‘Suspend’. Put it together, and you get ‘Suspend Sleep’. With this, I looked at how sleep can be suspended (sleep disorders, nightmares, stress, moments of waking up during sleep).

As part of our self-study I looked a bit more into both words for more information and had to produce a rough visual that combines both words. I did two and these are them:

^ This one is meant to be that feeling of falling and you suddenly wake up. Found out that this happens in the N-REM stage 1 which lasts for about 5-10 minutes, and is when it causes a muscle contraction.

For EC, there was a lot of talk on lateral thinking and we got given ‘riddles’ which we had to think outside the box, as they say. For example, one was:

A baby fell from a 20-storey building and survived. How did this happen?

Answer: Baby fell from a ground-floor window. It does not specifically say the baby fell from the top floor, only that where it fell from was a high building. Such a twister, although I got it straight away ^^ There was some others that were much harder though.

Anyways, as our self-study we have to do this thing called ‘Persuasive Design’, where something encourages us to act upon, to desire, or to purchase without the conscious mind having an opportunity to interfere. A friend and myself were on the train home and did one as we were discussing what to do. Basically, we put a sign on a seat opposite saying: “DAMP SEAT. Do not sit”. I suggested to make it more authentic by adding dabs of water onto the paper (yeah, you know where this is going) and stupid me actually spilt some water onto the seat so it turned out damp in the end. We changed the sign again to a cleaner one, and jotted down the amount of people who:

  1. Noticed/Looked at the sign
  2. Avoided the seat
  3. Sat on the seat:
  4. Touched the seat
  5. Ignored the sign

This started at 17:30, during rush hour period (and we did feel a bit bad when it got busy…) but it worked. People did avoid the chair no matter how busy it got. No one wants a damp bum. Also, we could have left it after, but we were kind enough to put the sign there for no unfortunate person to have a bad Thursday evening (although it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t spill the water!)

We took photos discretely, and the whole thing lasted 40 minutes until one woman with her friend, possibly in almost in her 70s rushed to the seat without even paying any attention and sat on it. Both myself and my friend were in the “oh my god!” moment, but realised after she wasn’t even standing up so we assumed the seat was dry. We also assumed that they were tourists as they spoke in another language throughout the whole journey even after I got off. Thing is I just found it funny that she was capable to walk around the whole of London, in also inappropriate shoes, and felt the need of needing of rushing to sit down. I hate people like that.

So the final results were:

  1. Noticed/Looked at the sign: 22
  2. Avoided the seat: 22
  3. Sat on the seat: 1
  4. Touched the seat: 0
  5. Ignored the sign: 1

(I’ll say now though that if anyone, which I doubt, who was on the Piccadilly line  at the time this happened, reads this, I apologise for the inconvenience of not having that seat).

So our persuasive design did work, somewhat. But after when I emailed my tutor for this module on whether it was ok we did it together, unfortunately although she loves the idea of collaborating, it’s an assessment and needs to be individual.

It put a damper on things, but we were fine with it as we discussed with each other what we would do if we couldn’t. She’s gonna plan on wearing a sign that says free hugs and see how many people will give a hug, and I’m going to print out fake £5 notes and drop them on the ground to see if anyone would pick them up thinking it is real money. Or perhaps do the old trick of gluing a coin on the ground and see any attempts of anyone picking it up ; ) Good fun.**

Anyways, for the DP module, our brief will either be competition based, live client briefs, or made up ones. Five altogether, but 3 only for hand in. Our first is to produce a calendar for a hotel company where the proceeds go to the charity UNICEF. The calendar itself has to portray children, food/recipes, UNICEF, the hotel, and their theme of togetherness, sharing moments with mother and/or father etc. I have a good idea of being able to combine all of them, so it’s gonna be an interesting project. Plus, if yours does get considered, it will be sold on in their hotel branches. So this will be definitely interesting to take on : )

**EDIT: I am no longer doing the money thing. Been thinking and this morning decided against it. Don’t really want to get done for counterfeit…. You never know what can happen on the day!

So now, I am going to do something that involves a phone number, and a Facebook account.