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Kitties in the Sunlight

10 Mar

This post is for Russell Deasley, whose Caturday post of kitties in the sun (either loving it or hating it) had me mention about my fiance’s/Ryan’s cat, Anna, who absolutely loves it when it is Summer time. You always see her rolling about on the ground outside, and one time when I took a photo of her doing that, she looked….. Possessed.

So here is the photo:


And this is her face in close up mode:


The Devil Kitty is what I call this photo!


And here is a nicer photo, of her sister, Daisy, who I always feel is more so elegant both in stance and manners:


But I love both of them ever so much ^_^

A Cat To Remember

12 Feb

Rest in Peace Maximillion. You were a brilliant cat and no other can replace you. I will miss your pawing for attention and you never wanting to leave our house to go back to your proper home ♥

You may have been our neighbour’s cat but we treated you like our own.

You’ll always be my Kitty Boyfriend x

Max the Cat

A Day of Bean’s

24 Mar

Max is a Cat.

A black and white Cat.

My neighbour’s Cat.

He likes to come to our house in the warmer days.

 As summer is approaching, he has once again started inviting himself to our abode.

And what does he usually do in our house, you wonder?

Annoy the hell out of me when I try to do my work.

But I love him to bits