Assignment Galore!

8 Mar

It’s been over a week since I have done a post here. The whole bustle with projects took my mind elsewhere.

Illustration involved two projects as one Assignment. Both were self-portraits, with (a) being an illustration of how you portray yourself without looking in the mirror or photos of yourself, therefore using only your memory, whilst (b) was to do a self-portrait using only objects and no self images. Although I did the first one two weeks before, I started putting together my idea for the second one and finished it last week, only to find out after that they are due on week 7 (now being week 5). Got me a bit annoyed but was happy that I can put it to one side and concentrate on other works.

For the first part of the assignment, I was thinking to myself that I don’t really have an alter ego or anything and that in all honesty, I just wanted to portray myself as who I am. May be a bit boring, clothing-wise  and all, but I thought that since I use make-up, I’ll ‘paint’ my portrait using make-up. It was unique, and I never really experimented with many untraditional mediums so it would be quite an interesting experiment. If it didn’t work out like it did, though, I have no idea what I would have done.

What I used and what for:

  • Face + body – Foundation powder, blusher
  • Eye area – Eyeliner, lipstick (for eye colour), eyeshadow 
  • Eyebrows – Eyeliner
  • Hair – Mascara
  • Lips – Lipstick
  • Glasses – Lip liner
  • Top – Nail Varnish/paint
  • Trousers/Shoes – Paint

Final outcome

Part (b) I used a make-up box to place personal items such as photos, letters etc which are a part of me and my life.

For Packaging & Branding, the Assignment was called Containment. We had to make a box from a template given by our tutor and select an object that will fit into the box. With that object, you have to investigate: history, materials it is made from, production processes, what it is (e.g. definition), mythology (if it has one), use, and memory. With the information found, we had to place it inside the box with the item, and on the outside of the box, place a representation (photograph), an abstract (drawing) or a symbol (simplest form), of our chosen object.

My chosen object was a keyring/keyfob, with the outside of the box showing an abstract form of the keyring. I experimented on doing all three but felt that the photo or symbol did not give enough impact or communicate what it is to the person who may be looking at it. The information was folded and glued into the box, with the keyring on top of it.

Containment Assignment Outcome

Information on Keyring

There was more information found about keyrings/keyfobs, but I’ll add it onto another blog I’ll post in the next upcoming days.

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