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New Infographic & Updates on Other Stuff

30 Apr

I have done the next stage of my information graphic. Personally, I’m still with my first idea. I find the new one is too wordy and the images don’t scream at you as I feel they should. We’ll see how it goes in tomorrow’s (or later this morning) lesson. But for now, here’s what I have done, the new-infographic. There are spelling mistakes which I realised after printing out, and I’ll make the changes if used as a final. I would have done a jpeg here, but you wouldn’t be able to read anything.

I have done basically everything I was told to do: name genres, artists, number of mangas from each title exactly, a description of the manga (which was really hard to do in the most simplest format without giving too much away — and what I wrote is the simplest way to describe each of them!). It was also suggested and asked if there are any crossovers between the mangas, which there are in plentiful, especially in CLAMP’s works, but there’s not enough room to do that… This document in viewing mode is A1 size (print out has been shrunk to A2) as I couldn’t fit everything on there properly (the previous design was shrunk from A2 to A3).

Anyways, it would be interesting to know people’s take on it, if it gives too much, does it make you want to read any of them, or it’s ok etc etc. But I just don’t feel it’s an infographic anymore…

The only thing you would gather from it all is that I’m a fan of CLAMP‘s work. Although I don’t have all of their mangas, I’m planning one day to own them all. But if you decide to look up on the artworks of each title I own, you could guess that the reason I chose these mangas was because I’m a sucker for what I consider to be beautiful art works in the manga world.

Well, that’s all for infographics. My next assignment is environmental graphics which has to be based on education and the university I’m in, but I’ll talk about that another day. As for my stop motion animation, I’m getting all the props ready (bought some little doll house pieces from a crafts shop the other day especially for this project so I better get something good out of it, hahaha!). I have done a couple of background stuff and just got to do a few more then I can start the whole thing : )

As for Professional Design Practice, we have been doing a team project the last couple of weeks and will be doing a presentation in lesson. As for the Case Study we are doing, I’m waiting for my contact to get back to me for the answers to my questions. I just hope the email was received since it’s been slightly over a week now. If by tomorrow evening there hasn’t been a reply, gonna email again to see what has happened.

Manga Infographic

22 Apr

I haven’t mentioned any other projects I have been working on. A while back I mentioned that we have an Infographics project. One of the choices given was to base it on a personal collection. With this, I decided to base it on my anime and manga collection.

There was a lot, more than what I listed on my last post, and overall the total came to 524+ as some I can’t/don’t want to reach height wise and dust-wise.

But in the end, I decided to focus on my manga collection as that reflected a main part of my love for the stuff. I counted 30 titles in total and here they are in order by amount:

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (28) complete

Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play (18) complete

RG Veda (9)

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden (9)

Rurouni Kenshin (8)

DearS (8) complete

Othello (7) complete

xxxHolic (7)

Tokyo Babylon (7) complete

Kobato (5)

Wish (4) complete

Gunsmith Cats (4) complete

Card Captor Sakura (3)

Suki: A Like Story (3) complete

CLAMP School Paranormal Investigators (3) complete

Sailor Moon (3)

GATE 7 (2)

CLAMP School Detectives (2)

Man of Many Faces (2) complete

Chobits (2) complete

CLAMP School Defenders: Duklyon (2) complete

CLAMP no Kiseki (2)

Sailor V (2) complete

Tokyo Mew Mew (2)

X (1)

The One I Love (1) complete

Clover (1) complete

Legend of Chun Hyang (1) complete

Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (1) complete

Shirahime-Syo (1) complete

Cool list, right? Anyways, these are the books in two lovely pictures, with the first photograph dedicated to my favourite manga artists/group, CLAMP, and the second photo with various artists. And in case you wonder how I managed to fit them all and capture them in the photographs, I had to place them on my parents’ bed and go onto the top step of a small ladder.

As I had quite a lot of titles and have been researching on infographics, I found a particular design which I found really interesting. It is a typographic information graphic, which focused on words used in toy adverts for girls (there is also a boy’s version). Both designs displayed words that are used on the toy adverts, and recorded the amount of times that certain word came up. The more a word was used, the bigger it was in the infographic and the less used words, smaller size.

I thought of conducting a similar manner with the manga collection. At first I was thinking of recording the Japanese honorifics used in the mangas, but it would have taken too long to read all the books and record the many terms used. So I stuck to the titles, as they’re quite a bundle really when grouped together.

So the idea came to the more manga I have based on a particular title, the bigger it was and got smaller as fewer numbers of each title came. And for the past week with endless late nights staying up til 1am, 2:30am, and 4am extracting the titles from the backgrounds, cleaning them up and making them look pretty, I was happy with the end result.

These are the titles scanned so you can see them in closer detail:

And here is the final:

The reason it’s in black is because the main title, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, could not be seen on white. Also, all of the titles are well contrasted against it.

Personally I think it’s really pretty and colourful and the titles help to express each manga in its own way : )

The only thing I’m really wishing now is that when I show it to my tutor tomorrow he won’t tell me to redo it using an ordinary typeface. I swear I’ll be really, really, really upset after all the sleepless nights I have been through!

*Edit @ 23:15 on 23/04/2012: Had class today and I have to change my idea. I was a bit annoyed, but I understood the reasons as to why I should change the idea, which is as a person who may not understand manga whereas I do, a viewer may not know what the infographic is about and just see a bunch of titles/logos.

I have sketched out another completely different idea, reflecting my manga collection, and other subcategories to go with it. I have shown it to my tutor and it seems the idea has been agreed. I’m gonna start the idea sometime this week but for now I am going to bed to catch up on more sleep after waking up from sleeping on the sofa!

Final Future Font & 3D Letter

18 Jan

I am first posting up my final pieces for the Typography (Stage 2) module. I will start posting up my Research & Reference tomorrow as there is quite a lot.

For our Assignment 3, we had to design our own font, and after doing research on the history of it, I designed one based on Albrecht Durer’s concept of using grids, lines and circles. As I didn’t have a compass at hand, I used circular objects such as tins and tops of glue sticks etc to construct the serifs and ‘bites’ that are in some of the letters.

I have done two designs, one with circles and one without:

The circles were done in 2 blue gradients as I was experimenting with Pantone colour pens on paper and found the blue looked best as it was more subtle yet still striking. 

We also had to make a 3D letter using found materials in our house, based on the classical proportions of letters and has an attachment or outside piece with a brief history of the font chosen (either your own or  an existing font). I chose the existing font, Franklin Gothic.

I wanted to do this font as I am fond of it and it was used in the body text of my typography essay.

I made it using some sort of soft wood that was wedged between two sheets of thin plastic — and it was extremely hard to cut through with a scalpel knife. Then two sheets of mount board that was cut out into the letter ‘a’  was glued onto both sides of the wood. Once dried, it was covered in black poster paint.

Just so you know, these items were found in my house. My dad owned the bits of wood and I didn’t really ask his permission to use it until I started drawing on it…. Luckily he was ok with it.  And the mount board were spare pieces from when I mounted my Opera posters back in Assignment 2.

After, the tag was made by placing the information on some card and attaching it through the counter (or the gap in the letter ‘a’) using a string.

And lastly, Assignment 4 was an essay, but I’m not planning on putting it up :p

I’ll post my Designer’s Banquet for Research & Reference tomorrow (but again, not the essay!).

A Little On The Bright-Side

6 Dec

Well… I was certainly a bit of a moody girl yesterday .__.

Think it was the overwhelming feeling of the weekend passing, what happened, and seeing how tip-of-the-boiling-point-parents were literally chucking toys into trolleys and whatnot for their kiddies.

Anyways, on a brighter note, I am more happy today *yay* Been looking up on a lot of artists and other art movements for my essay for Research & Reference module. And tomorrow I’m going to wake up bright and early to go to the library to loan out a hoard of heavy books and do lots of collective reading and other module works.

Oh, and for my new Typography assignment, we have to design a new font for the future/modern world, and as the self-directed learning section of the assignment goes, we have to produce a 3D letter (I believe using the font we have designed), based on the proportions of classical fonts. So far I have designed one that uses the format of Durer’s geometric-style font of using grids, circles (from compasses) and rulers but instead of a compass since I didn’t have one on me, I used 1/5pence coins and the rounded end of a pen. Another one I did was based on the handwritten font I used for the fanzine from first assignment, and last one I have still yet to do. I’ll post the designs up another day.

New Quilt Designs

18 Nov

From a previous post that contained a quilt design, I found out that you had to digitise all three designs and not just one.

So these are the other two including originals:

Original (no.2 design):



A combination of the letters of Opera put together.

Original (no.3 design):


My dad said to me when he saw this that the ‘O’ looked like a mouth saying Opera.

Don’t know what designs other people like, would be interesting to know. So far my mum likes the first and second and warming up to the third; my dad likes the first and third design.

Unfortunately I can’t choose the final for the digital quilt — my class + tutor has to on Monday ._.