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The Neat World of Semiology

17 Feb

Semiology: the study of signs and symbols.

How one goes about understanding this can be simple enough but somewhat also confusing. To be honest, I should remember this as I studied it back in A-Level English Language. But after a few years, I guess your mind forgets most of what you have learned if you haven’t focused on that subject after a year or so concentrating on art and design. Some of the stuff though is completely new to me. Like the whole signifier/signified thing. That’s easy to get to grips though as it’s really just the word/image (e.g. Stop sign – signifier) and the whole concept behind it (i.e. Stop, do not proceed etc – signified).

Language also plays a part within semiology. Take the word apple. It is a signifier. So is the word pomme and apfel. The signified, of course, is apple. It may be a little confusing but the whole concept behind the two words is what they translate to in the English language.

The use of a signifier and signified, is almost similar to a denotation and connotation of a word.

Denotation is the literal meaning of the word; Connotation is the association linked to a word. Take the word rose as an example. The denotative value of rose is that it is a flower and the connotative value of rose is that of love, death and beauty.

Looking at this now, maybe I do understand what it is about. Hopefully if I get the presentation I’ve been requesting for, I can check if my understanding is up to scratch and correct.