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Mars Power, Make Up!

4 Nov

So after a long while of having this on my desktop, I have finally finished drawing and colouring my ultimate favourite Sailor Scout, Sailor Mars, the Guardian of Fire.

More to come eventually, with more updates of work also! ^_^

Sailor Mars Cosplay Part 1

28 Aug

Surprisingly, I have actually started some bits in preparation of my cosplay of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon.

I have done the tiara, all of which I need to add a string to it so I can tie it around my head, and I have done the front bow which took a number of hours to do. Created the bow using a tutorial video I found on YouTube and it came out perfectly.

The middle was done using a large pendant I purchased in a craft store (that was red with white patterns), but as the ‘brooch’ is completely red on Sailor Mars’ sailor suit, I used red nail varnish to cover it fully and made it shinier with clear nail varnish also. The same went for the gem on the tiara, as it was originally pink (couldn’t find what I wanted so I got the closest colours possible and worked my way around it).

The tiara was done by outlining the shape of it from using the size of half of the gem on paper, then I drew the template onto cardboard and cut it out, and with the cardboard template, I used that to draw another template on gold card, cut that out and glue them all together.

And now it’s the back bow, gloves, choker and the top (sleeves, collar) to go. And they will be done at a later date.

As for the skirt, I have one very similar to it which I wear a lot so it is going to be a part of it. And I have bought the shoes to match also. The earrings, however, I purchased online and they are so awesome! Might just wear them for even normal wear : )