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Opera Posters ~ Final

9 Nov

I’ve finally done my posters for Typography. I first started out with finding out the information of the operas, Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutte and Le Nozze Di Figaro, which was quite a lot of info to take in but since it is a poster that has to be focused on typography, I was happy that you didn’t have to include images. With these posters, we also had to have them in two colours: black and one Pantone colour. I decided to use shades of blue, yellow and red, thinking of the main primary colours. There is also reasons as to why they were chosen but I’ll explain that later.

These were my initial designs which were digitised from my hand sketched layouts:

(I used just one opera and a typical strap-line at first to visualise what the layout would look like — with the colours I wanted shown)

As you can see, the layouts are all different in some sort of way, and I wanted to pick the one I liked most. I also asked a few more people (really just my mum and boyfriend) of which one they preferred and we all agreed with design 1. I felt in the end that 2 was too typical even though I also liked that layout; 3 was too busy and 4 I just didn’t like. Unfortunately when presenting this in class I was told the layout of the title made it look like a menu and that vertical text should not be done in advertising (I didn’t really ask why…). Plus the pink/red colour I used was quite dark against the background (when printed) so I had to change that also.

In the end, I decided to go with the layout of design 2, and change some of the colours to make it more visible as to what colour they were (so blue would be more blue and yellow would be more yellow).

*Note: I realised after looking at my book now that for the ‘Cosi‘ I done the ‘i’ wrong as it’s meant to have an accent: ` on top instead of the dot, so that is being redone for my final prints.

The colours I used in the end was:

  • Pantone 206 UP (pink/red)
  • Pantone 2717 UP (blue)
  • Pantone 106 UP (yellow — 80% opacity)

How I changed the colour for the Royal Opera House logo and the Arts Council England logo I’ll explain now.

  1. I opened the image, and duplicated the layer.
  2. I then used the duplicated layer to invert the colours (or ctrl + i).
  3. This is the inverted image.
  4. I then chose my colour and with the brush tool set to Multiply mode, I brushed over the image.
  5. I altered the background colour to the colour I needed with the Paint bucket tool.
  6. Ending logo piece.

These are the same steps I took for the Arts Council England logo.

 And these are the final posters:

Cosi Fan Tutte 

I chose blue for Cosi Fan Tutte (That’s How All Women Behave)  as it’s about the course of true love and it not running smoothly for the two men who are the characters in the opera and who test the constancy of their lovers. So it resembles the emotion of sadness/unfortunate events.

Don Giovanni

I chose this pinky-red colour as the character is a serial seducer whose luck runs out when the statue of a man he murdered invited itself for dinner.

Le Nozze Di Figaro 

Last but not least is this one. I chose yellow as the translation of the title, Le Nozze Di Figaro is The Marriage of Figaro, a sort of happy time in someone’s life, as well as the opera being a comedy, hence the colour.

We also had to design tickets in a class workshop and produce them digitally in our own time, with the tickets reflecting the poster design:

Now that’s the end of that. My hands and arms hurt, I’m hungry and I’m going to go for dinner.

Opera Digital Quilt Tile

28 Oct

It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Done it completely different from the original design.

This was the design from sketchbook. It’s taking the word ‘Opera’, and using the ‘3D shadow’ made from the letters. Apologies for the messiness — it was filled in with black paint and the brush I used was unfortunately not very precise. The layout isn’t great as I did the design quickly in class.

This one below is a digital version (2nd draft). I done it in a completely different colour and composition. I used Illustrator and Photoshop CS5.

Found that the colour makes the white letters stand out, but it seemed a bit plain. So I came out with this, the final design, which was done by duplicating the letters:



Stars & Anime

20 Sep

So my 4-month break from university is almost at an end, and really looking, I haven’t actually done much stuff than I said I would…

But! I have done a drawing, using only Illustrator and Photoshop (so no hand drawings before hand which is the first) and I feel really chuffed with it. It is, however, another anime girl style picture – pretty boring that it’s mainly the only thing I do drawing-wise in my spare time….

Anyways, this is what it is:

And these are the steps I took to produce it:

On Illustrator, I used the Calligraphic Brush tool to draw out the figure. It took quite a while as I couldn’t get the desired look – hair/posture. I really wanted the hair where the forehead is to be sort of swayed from “wind”. Eventually, I was happy with this. Almost each section of the figure is done in separate layers (head, hair, body).

I tidied up the lines, removing the ones I don’t need, then added a new layer, skin colour, and used the Blob Brush to colour in the desired colour of skin with added tones.

Another layer is added, facial features, which I coloured in the hair (shading and highlights as seen) and the eyes. When you take a closer look at the eyes, there are two different shades, one dark blue and one light blue.

Another layer, clothes and accessories,  I coloured in the dress and hair pieces in blue to match the colour of the eyes. The hair pieces has rounded shading and circular highlights reflecting light to indicate the roundness of the object. The necklace and belt are coloured in a similar way but in shades of grey, representing a sort of metallic material.

For the background layer, I added star shapes, and arranged them in a way I was happy with. I then saved the star shapes background and girl as two separate files.

I opened both files in Photoshop and combined them. For the stars layer, I wanted them to stand out a bit more as I felt the purple made it too plain, so I went into Blending Options and did the Stroke line in a fuchsia pink colour similar to the hair colour. I also did the Drop Shadow and Outer Glow in the same colour. The inside part of the stars is done by using an Inner Glow and a lighter purple colour.

The Outer Glow of the girl is done in the same colour pink with an Inner Shadow to form the curves of the figure and unify it with the style of the background.

And that’s how I did it. Here is the finalised piece again:

Graphic Novel

23 May

I haven’t been on here in over a week. Been busy finishing up the last bits of our modules and handing them in (i.e. Illustration/Ideas & Development). Packaging & Branding is in for next Tuesday so there’s just about a week to go for that.

I’m quite happy that they’re all done, and really pleased with the outcomes. Ideas & Development, the last assignment was The Future’s Bright which I posted the other week. Packaging & Branding is based on what I have learnt and I’m working on that at the moment. Illustration, as you know, was the Visualisation/Graphic Novel assignment, which I decided to base on the play An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley (our final pieces had to involve the front cover and a double-page spread. I did a bit more as I couldn’t find a scene with all the characters, so I did two scenes instead).

I realised that I haven’t even explained what the play is about: The main family, the Birlings, are celebrating their daughter, Sheila’s, engagement to Gerald Croft. They are then interrupted by a mysterious stranger known as Inspector Goole, who questions them on the sudden death of a young girl in an infirmary. As it goes on, you find out how and why the girl commits suicide, with lies and secrets being exposed amongst the Birling household.

Some of the characters I drew are based on the actors of the film, and some weren’t but the hairstyle or a specific look to them was taken into account and used. And some of them, they were made up. The style is based on my own anime/manga drawing style, however I did not take up the traditional ways of reading it as Japanese manga (right to left) and is therefore  read in the original English ways of left to right. It’s confusing for me to look at though as I’m so used to reading manga rather than normal comics!

These below were my initial sketches of the characters with pencil lines still in tact (some of them I know are not really proportionally correct):

Arthur Birling – husband/father                             Sybil Birling – wife/mother


Sheila Birling – eldest daughter                 Eric Birling – son, younger of the two


Gerald Croft – engaged to Sheila Birling        Edna – maid of Birling household


Eva Smith – girl who commits suicide      Inspector Goole


After designing the characters, I drew out the pages/panels for the graphic novel in pencil, outlined it in pen, photocopied it and used the photocopies to scan onto the computer and digitise using Photoshop and Illustrator.

These are the final pieces:

Front cover

Character sheet

Act One

Act Three

My favourite out of all of them is the character sheet, mainly because for some reason, after I did all this and printed it out, some of the characters remind me of these Nintendo DS games called Hotel Dusk/Last Window which adopts the black and white theme for characters in the game. Anyways, if you’re wondering why I did the hair in this way (which is just pen lines) is because I wanted some form of movement on the characters, as well as give them a personality which is noticed by just looking at the hair, which is also what most people do in actual life. The chairs, cabinets and table on the first page is done by using the hard board on the back of my sketchbook and making rubbings of it on a piece of paper. I scanned the rubbing and then altered the tone using the curves tool in Photoshop.

Front cover was done by drawing out the outline of the shadow from a thumbnail sketch I did in my sketchbook, which was scanned in and drawn onto Illustrator. I then added a black/white gradient and afterwards altered it using the filter effect > render > fibres on Photoshop to get the desired effect.

Fonts used – Adobe Garamond Pro (bold); Myriad Pro (regular).

This took me about a week or two from beginning (designing the characters and working out the scenes to draw) to end (final outcomes). I hope you like it as much as I do, it’s the first (partly) graphic novel I’ve done ^_^

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Technology

11 May

So for Ideas and Development, we had to design something technological that will come into the market place in five years time.

I focused on mobile phones, and designed what I guess most people would think of as a kiddy phone, but me personally I’d go and buy it due to its quirky-ness. Inspired by a robot USB hub I have, it’s basically a small robot, or Minibot as I called it, which has voice recognition therefore being password protected and will only work to your voice, so if its stolen, there wouldn’t be any problem of anyone accessing it. But if something happens to your voice (i.e. you’re ill or you can’t talk properly), you can type passwords or general words in using its keyboard by pushing the slot that’s at the bottom. It also has a touch screen which is also 3D compatible and can be sized up to the desired size you want it. And it can connect to other Minibots by its in-built USB cable, where it can exchange contact information, pictures, music etc. It also has cool LED lights, which makes it seem more fun :3