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A Bit of a Moon Frenzy

29 Jul

So the past three weeks that went I was over at Ryan’s, making sure he is ok as he is not allowed to be by himself because of the condition he is in (at the moment I’m having some time to myself whilst his parents take over for a bit). There was unfortunately numerous trips to the hospital because of the “attacks” he has been getting. We found out from the last visit that it is now a major surgery where they are going to have to remove the whole gall bladder because it is compacted full of the stones. It is bad how they have gone through with this and left it too late whereas they had the chance to not allow it to progress this far. And there we were celebrating the National Health Service (NHS) on the opening ceremony of the Olympics…..

Talking of that, I didn’t mind watching it so much. Could have been better (less music involved, less nonsense dancing etc). But that movie shown at the beginning done by director Danny Boyle, I was like (pardon my language at this point in time): what the ****?!

To me it did not make any sense and I wasn’t keen on the fast movement of shots which suddenly became something like that of a freeze frame, similar to the children’s party game where the music plays, you dance and when it stops, you freeze and are out if you make any sort of movement. When I saw a shot of a Goose, my face was this exactly: o.O

When I watched some of it, I said to my parents, all Brits know what some of the bits shown are (like the opening of the soap Eastenders — it was the section where it was a bird’s-eye view of the Thames). Someone from another country will perhaps have no clue what it is (if anyone outside the UK does, I apologise). But yeah, it may be a part of British TV, but I wouldn’t call it remarkable television. And the music used, I felt it was completely mixed up and sounded horrid. No smooth rhythm, flow or anything. Argh!

But I did like the handing of the Olympic Torch to the up and coming young athletes of the future. It was very unexpected and I felt it really allowed an involvement for everyone. With the final Olympic Torch and it coming together, I was so amazed by it. Wouldn’t have expected more by the wonderful Thomas Heatherwick (a British designer whom I am a fan of).

I also liked the display of the Olympic Rings from the use of the event of the Industrial Revolution. As many others would think, it was a truly beautiful spectacle. I didn’t notice it until the rings started rising up.

Anyways, as for the small 5-10 minute concert with Paul McCartney and The Arctic Monkeys, couldn’t they have chosen someone better? McCartney just sang a few songs which I felt droned on and was not uplifting enough. With The Arctic Monkeys, we have all heard of that song they played many, many times before, and it’s boring. Never liked the band and never will. And I would not call either of them the “best of British music”. Paul McCartney was good. When he was in the Beatles. I think it would have been better if they had someone like Muse (who has also done the Olympic theme song called Survival — I am a fan of them so yes I am going to be biased).  Well that’s my opinion of it. Will be interesting to see other views on the whole thing.

Overall, I did highly enjoy watching the ceremony (between the short film and the mini concert). I felt the involvement within it and did love it. The idea of making it fun and enjoyable is great, and that’s what the Olympics is about, not just the focus on being competitive.

As for watching any of the sports, I have been watching the Archery to its fullest. Really gets me excited : ) I used to attend a club back in my teenage years, and how much I loved it so. My first experience of the sport was when I was 11 on a 5-day school trip to a place which did a whole load of activities. I will admit that I was pretty good ; D But in the end the club was cancelled after a few years T_T

That’s about the only Olympic sport I have been paying attention to. So far.

Anyways, moving on now. There is some big news. Well, big and exciting news for me. At the Paris Japan Expo held earlier this month, it was confirmed that there will be a remake of…….. Sailor Moon! It’s not a remastered, but a whole new anime where it is likely it will follow more closely to the manga *yay*. And it will be released worldwide simultaneously. I’m sooooooo getting it when it’s released! I just hope they have better dubbed voice actors, although I prefer watching it in Japanese and reading the subtitles (it’s hard to find animes now with good dubs).

Ahhh! I can not wait >w<

More happiness is another ‘Tales of’ game, called Tales of Graces F, will be released in exactly 1 month and 2 days. So it’s an early birthday present for me from myself, hehe. And! Next year there will be another Tales game, Tales of Xillia, released in June/July next year. So that’s my graduation/early birthday present to myself planned out already : p

Also on the list, is the next Hyper Japan event taking place in November. Ryan and I are hoping to go (it all depends on his operation date and recovery time). If we can, I am finally going to go in cosplay mode (if anything goes wrong, I won’t). Ryan is also planning on cosplaying, but I’m keeping hush as to who he is going as : p

I’m not planning on buying it on eBay, however, as I have looked on there and the material used is just horrible (all satin-based… eww!) and I have read stories from people’s experiences and it’s not always 100% accurate on what the manufacturers produce. So I am planning, along with my lack of sewing and crafting clothes skills, to make my costume. I have the skirt already, which is a normal wearable skirt that I have had for a number of years. It’s gonna be fun making it and I have printed out the character I’m going to be (Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon) and indicated what I need to do in each area. If it’s not made in time, it’s no biggy, just will have to wait for the next convention : ) But for now it’s time to collect all the things needed to create such a piece.

And to commemorate the whole Sailor Moon remake and everything else, I have done a digital drawing of Sailor Moon and kitty Luna in my “Little Cuties” style ^_^

Created using Illustrator and Photoshop, I created the shadow from duplicating the figures and doing a colour overlay from the layer properties and placed it where I wanted it. I wanted something nice in the background, and a lot of the time in anime and manga they have backgrounds with simple shapes and the character portrayal at the front. So I just did numerous circles, all in pink as the colour symbol for Sailor Moon is a baby pink colour. Click image for a better and larger view.

May plan on doing the whole Sailor Senshi (Soldiers) in this format. Oh it will be fun. But first I should really get down to some work….

More Alphabet Soup Please With Luscious Leaves

30 Nov

A previous post that was done back in October, talks of the Alphabet Soup task we had to do. One of the tasks I done was to illustrate three lines from a poem by Seamus Heaney:

The letters of the alphabet were trees,

The capitals were orchards in full bloom.

The lines of script like briars coiled in ditches.

I mentioned of digitizing the drawings, and I have finally got around to do them.  I’m most proud of the first one personally :3

Portfolio Website: Header Design Part 2

23 Nov

From the tips given by professional illustrator Mark Armstrong, I altered the areas that needed fixing.

And there you have it. I have done another one with a white background to see which one looked better:

I’ll decide on which one to use another day as I like both right now…

Portfolio Website: Header & Button Designs

22 Nov

For our other module which I’ve never really mention, Advanced Digital Interaction & Communication, we have been taught the basics of making a website using Dreamweaver. I for one am completely new to this sort of thing but it is quite simple for making a basic website. Gradually our tutor for this module is going to demonstrate the development and advancement of those techniques and more to produce a website based on us, showcasing our works from university for future employment after we graduate in 2013.

So far, we have been designing our header and button(s) for our website. I already discussed my header designs 1-4 already with my tutor who mentioned what to improve on and develop, with the other designs produced a few hours ago (5-10).


I wanted to incorporate my surname somewhere into the website, so I thought for a bit and since I’m working in the design/art sector, it felt appropriate to call it “The Art Fox“. I tried to use the design from the fox on my blog’s header as a rough guide since I can not re-use something I have already done. But I added my main hair style to it to resemble me. My tutor however told me that the fox looked more like a Chipmunk. And from that, I can see what he meant. The whole thing does look like one, especially with that tummy!


Using my surname still, I incorporated the fact I’m still a ‘Miss’ and joined it with what the title became: Arty Miss Fox. Personally, I didn’t like the name in the end. Something about it made it seem a bit…typical. Anyways, I drew myself in a fox costume with my face and hair sticking out so the viewer can distinguish my main features (pink glasses, long, brunette hair in plait). Along with it, I wanted it to seem more personal with a hand written but almost paint-style font, which I did by using the paint brush tool on Illustrator (also shown on design 1, above).


I went back to ‘The Art Fox’ name again but this time change the image to design 2’s. I re-sized the paintbrush so it seemed like I was holding it and from what it looked like, I was walking away from doing a naughty thing :p


I wanted to side-step from an illustration having to portray me all the time, so I attempted to do a header with just the typeface I chose, Plantagenet Cherokee and a sort of feather swish in the background. I chose the Plantagenet Cherokee typeface as 1) it was the only typeface I liked when looking through all of them that I felt was suitable and 2) I like the strength and almost sensitive look it portrays (to me). It isn’t bad, but my tutor says it’s too formal. So it was put to the Out Bin straight away.

From these first four designs, my tutor liked the paintbrush font, but change it to my name instead and use the mini me in a fox costume. And these are what I came out with:


This is what I came out with. But I felt that something wasn’t right with it. So I just experimented more…

6 .

I then thought of incorporating the ‘o’ with fox ears and a tail…

7 .

I used design 6  but blocked colour into the ‘o’ and fox ears/tail for a silhouette effect…


I took out my name and fox silhouette, and duplicated the image on each side and used the Pucker & Bloat from Effect > Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat on Illustrator to give the almost flower shape it has now. But the ‘flowers’ are really irrelevant and was just an experiment which I quite liked.


With this one I just removed the images from either side to have a simple bold header…


This one is similar to 9, but has pink glasses added, representing me. Kinda think the glasses destroy the whole effect the header is meant to give…

And that’s it for the final designs. Personally, I’m wavering between designs 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Button designs, here they come. All done in two different styles, opacity and visible version so when the mouse is over the opacity image, it rolls over to the visible version:











My favourites are designs 4 and 5, but mainly 4. Designs of buttons may change gradually throughout the module for finalised outcome.

Final: The Episte Trail

17 Nov


Above is my final Episte Trail. Took me overall two weeks to complete and personally, I found it quite hard to produce the presentation than anything else in the project. But that was because I faced quite a few problems whilst doing it.

Be prepared, a bit of a long story now:

If you are able to view the presentation (which you should do if you have PowerPoint Viewer), you’ll notice that the text is a little weird. Basically, when I was doing it on the family computer, which has PowerPoint (my laptop doesn’t), I didn’t realise some of the typography is only installed into those Microsoft programs. And when I started viewing it on my laptop happily thinking it’s all finished, my luck struck a lightening bolt and I saw that some of the typography I used was not displaying, and from what it looked like it was instead displayed as Arial.

And there I was pretty much in panic mode thinking of what I should do. Emailed my tutor telling him of my problem, and from his reply, three things came up in my mind: come in extra early on Monday to make sure the text is viewable and take a big risk of doing so; try to use another program to make the presentation (even though I had no idea how); or just use different text applicable to my laptop. Tried and tested, but I really liked the ones I already used as there were specific reasons for them and the way it moves on screen. So I went to bed feeling stressed and down about it.

Wasn’t until I was almost in dreamland that it came to me to test out whether the typography can be converted into JPEGs from PowerPoint to MS Paint. So this morning when I eventually woke up etc etc, I got back on the family computer, converted the fonts into JPEGs on Paint like I hoped it would (if it didn’t work, I have no idea what I would have done!), went onto my laptop/Photoshop to alter them, go back on the family computer and transfer the JPEG fonts onto PowerPoint. It was confusing doing this process, and I didn’t want to risk any of the words going wrong so I changed all of them into images and did the process as mentioned. Initially, it was the typography used for Bread (Bodoni MT Black), Treasure (Harrington), Thimble (Freestyle Script), Blimp (Cooper Black) and Shrimp (Chiller).

Obviously some of the actions I did for the presentation (i.e. movements of the objects) had to be changed as they cannot be used on JPEGs, but I found different action styles for every one of them and am now happy with the outcome.

Now that’s the end of the story. Hope you found it interesting. If you can’t view the presentation, these are the images:

Slide 1

Episte Trail

I used the Candara font, mainly because I like the look of it, but the curves to the edges somewhat represents the different directions I took to do this. Used footprints as imagery  to show the steps towards this final piece. The footprints facing upwards has the action of Ascend, whereas the ones going down is Descend.

The colour was used as I guess deep pinks are one of my favourite colours =]

Slide 2


The starting point of the Episte Trail: Sabine.  Used my own handwriting as the typography as it reflects who I am and is a personal part of myself. Image obviously of cartoon me =]

No action is taken for this as it’s just plain lil’ me.

Slide 3


Sabre, the typography used is Juice ITC. I chose this in particular because of the sharpness of the serif sections, which reminds me of a blade/sword. A pale blue was used for the lettering to give a sort of streamline effect. I used the Strip action (very fast speed) to represent the movement of a sword.

Slide 4


I used Bodoni MT Black for Bread as I felt it was quite thick and gave quite a compact feeling such as the slices of bread all bunched up together, plus the serif of the ‘r’ and ‘a’ reminded me of the shape of crusts. I used brown to represent the colour of bread, and the action used for it was Rise Up (fast speed) to represent when bread is being baked, it rises up ^o^

Slide 5


Treasure is in the Harrington typeface, giving a fancy feeling. For some reason, it also reminds me of Pirates… And no, it’s not because of the image. (Note: The image is slightly smaller in the ppt. presentation as it needed to be altered a bit). It is in a yellow-orange colour to represent money/treasure/gold. At first I used the action Unfold to represent the folding of the treasure chest, but since it couldn’t be used for images, I reverted back to the Fold action (fast speed — excitement of opening/closing an object that has something good in it).

Slide 6


The Matisse ITC was used for Fissure due to the angles it gives, similar to when the ground cracks. The grey colour was used to represent a cement/ground colour and I used the Split action (fast speed) to show how quick the splitting of a ground can occur.

Slide 7

Fist used the Impact typeface due to it condensed, strong and powerful feeling it gives out. Black was used due to its boldness against the white background, which makes it more impactful, with the Magnify action, very fast speed, being used as it represents the quick movement of a punch from a fist.

Slide 8


Blackadder ITC was used for Thistle due to its uneven edges, similar to the different sizes of petals and thorns a flower has, they are never even. The colour pink was chosen in relation to the colour of the thistle, and Grow & Turn action, fast speed, was used to represent the blooming of a flower.

Slide 9


Thimble used the Freestyle Script typeface as it reminds me of the entanglement of thread. It also has some sort of elegance to it, which a lot of thimbles have with the patterns embossed into the metal, and it has a slight feminine touch to it, a stereotypical form of sewing :p

I used a navy blue as it stands out against the image and background, and I used the Bounce action (medium speed) as when you sew, you constantly put on and take off the thimble every time you need it or not.

Slide 10

Blimp is in the Cooper Black typeface. It is smooth and rounded off, similar to that of clouds and the shape of the blimp. Blue was used again to represent the sky, with the action of Ascend (medium speed) used to represent it rising up into the sky.

Slide 11


The last one, Shrimp uses the Chiller typeface as I felt with the colour of the pinkish-red, it reminds me of ketchup, or the cocktail sauce you get with the meal ^o^

It is done in a Motion Path format where I made it move in a Curve (medium speed), representing the movement of the little Shrimp creature.

Just in case you wonder, I placed myself in each illustration as each word derived from my name.

I did it in this particular drawing style as anime/manga has always been a part of me from a young age and I just love the style!

So that’s it. All done and very happy with it. Now I just have to wait til Monday afternoon when I have to show it.