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Back To The Past

6 Nov

So for a project in Experimental Communication I had to do a presentation based three images/instances on how and what influenced me to become what I am as a designer today.

This is the presentation and I hope you enjoy knowing that little bit more about me  : )

“Take One Egg…” Presentation

Whilst I was thinking it through and looking for things, when I thought of my Foundation year I looked through all the discs I had with my work from then on there. As you saw on the presentation, I did an illustration of an area of Covent Garden Market where there were performers (singers, instrument players etc). I still remember that day, Ryan was accompanying me and we enjoyed listening to the women play on the violins/violas and cello.

Anyways, I found some more images that I did back then, and thought I would share them with you. They were my first time in doing proper illustrations on Photoshop (version 7), where I was not yet introduced to the likes of Illustrator etc.

Big Ben

Covent Garden Market

Fleet Street Monument

London Eye

Millennium Bridge

Queen Victoria Memorial

Wonder if they would look the same if done again after three years… Who knows, because I don’t really want to redo them! They’re nice as they are, especially for reflecting back on my work : )