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The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Technology

11 May

So for Ideas and Development, we had to design something technological that will come into the market place in five years time.

I focused on mobile phones, and designed what I guess most people would think of as a kiddy phone, but me personally I’d go and buy it due to its quirky-ness. Inspired by a robot USB hub I have, it’s basically a small robot, or Minibot as I called it, which has voice recognition therefore being password protected and will only work to your voice, so if its stolen, there wouldn’t be any problem of anyone accessing it. But if something happens to your voice (i.e. you’re ill or you can’t talk properly), you can type passwords or general words in using its keyboard by pushing the slot that’s at the bottom. It also has a touch screen which is also 3D compatible and can be sized up to the desired size you want it. And it can connect to other Minibots by its in-built USB cable, where it can exchange contact information, pictures, music etc. It also has cool LED lights, which makes it seem more fun :3

Finished Pieces – Campaign & Character Design

21 Apr

I have finally done my plush toy, Chu the Fox, for Character Design and the T-shirt for the Campaign assignment.

Here they are:



I’m so glad they’re done. Now onto the new assignments! >:D

Work Progression

14 Apr

The past two weeks I think have been taking its toll on me. Been doing my uni work everyday from morning til night. I’m so tired right now but am so happy that I haven’t actually got that much work to do. I just can’t quite express it with this state of mind I’m in…

So I’ve finished my Packaging and Branding assignment as you know from my post last week. I’ve finished doing the campaign recycling leaflets for Ideas & Development (just need to do my T-shirt transfer) and just finish up on stitching the head and velcro the tail of my fox toy for the character design assignment for Illustration.

For my Ideas & Development, our brief was to choose a campaign from three options and publicise it more. I chose to do recycling and what items people can recycle as nowadays we all get quite confused with the news shoved upon telling us what to recycle and bins to use etc. So I came up with the idea of doing leaflets in shapes of certain objects and on the back information of the company, what they do and what you can recycle (which is situated in different categories).

I had to come up with my own logo and company name, and eventually came up with Box the Fox, which was thought of by playing around with my surname. This is the logo and the leaflets:


The information on the back of the leaflets reads:

Box the Fox is a recycling company helping you to know what items in your house can be recycled.

Collect all 15 categorised leaflets to know which items can be recycled in your nearest recycling centre.

Each leaflet had different information from its category, ranging from paper products, clothes and miscellaneous items. I’ll post up the T-shirt when I get the chance to do it which is either today or tomorrow.

For Illustration, our new assignment was character design and to then make it into something 3D. This I was quite looking forward to as character design is what I would like to do as a career. At first, I sketched a few characters as I wanted to explore a few drawing styles, as shown below.


I know, they’re all females, but I’m better at drawing females than males. I did do a design sheet for it, but it wasn’t as good. Anyways, I then wanted to develop the three females on the far right side and make them ‘chibi’ style, which is a smaller version of your character (as shown above).

After doing this, however, I felt that I wanted to do something besides a manga/anime style plush toy as it is something I always do, and therefore take a step back from it and do something else. But I didn’t know where to start. It wasn’t until I was doing my logo for the campaign assignment from Ideas & Development that I felt that the fox would look quite cute as a toy. I developed it so it didn’t relate to that assignment, making it have a chewed ear and the white bit of its tail to be ‘stitched on’ as its background story would be that it was chasing it’s tail then bit the tip off, therefore having to get it stitched back on and giving its name Chu (as is the word ‘chew’).

This is the scaled sketch of what I perceived it to look (although the actual version looks a bit different):

I’ll post the plush toy when it’s finished. As I mentioned earlier, I just need to stitch the head and velcro the tail as it will be adjustable so you can position it in any direction (left, right, up, down).

For now, I’m going to do my drawing for this competition that holds yearly by a university. I’ll post it and talk of it more when it’s done.

A Play with Words

31 Mar

Basically interpreting words into pictures. Enjoy.





I have more in my book, but these were my favourite ^_^

Sell Me That Product NOW!

8 Mar

99p Challenge

For this Assignment in the Ideas & Development module, we had to select a product that costs exactly 99p and create a form of advertising for it to be able to fly off the shelves. My product was a shop brand hand and nail cream. Now, I will explain how I came about my final outcome shown in the link above.

When I was looking for a product to buy for this assignment, I came across this particular hand cream amongst other big branded creams at the same price. The main reasons I bought it was for the fact there was more in the tube for the price given, and that the colour attracted me to it. When it came to class, we had to think of a way to ‘sell’ our product. I remembered seeing the tube surrounded with other products, which makes it impossible for it to be singled out and eye-catching. It also just stood on the shelf, with nothing to stabilise it so it does not get knocked over. That’s when I decided to design a point of sale display (PoSD) to attract the product to its buyers.

I decided to target my product for teenage girls and young women (20’s) who are into health and beauty, especially hand and nail care. The reason for this was because of the pink colour of the tube, which is directly a stereotypical colour associated with females. I needed to make the point of sale display attractive but simple, and when seen can instantly tell what and who the product is for.

I first did a brainstorm highlighting the main issues needed to be tackled in order to produce designs for a PoSD. The main aspects I found when doing this brainstorm was the colour (pink/white – on hand cream tube) and the fact it had to be appealing and show what the product is for. But the one element I felt was the most important one was the logo of a hand print with a heart in the middle. I wanted to focus on this aspect and reflect it on the point of sale display.

The ideas were then sketched out and blocked with colour to communicate to the viewer. Design One is very simple, which didn’t give much attraction to customers. It also caused the logo not to become the main focus, making the PoSD dull. Design Two was an interesting shape, allowing the tubes to take in the form of the hand print logo. However, customers would not be able to see the shape of it or it may cause a lack of clarity when viewed. Design Three I found was quite a good idea, making the 3D handprints the main focus of the display and giving a ‘grabbing’ feeling of having the product. But due to the position of the hands being at the front, it may cause the target audience to not buy it as they are ‘blocked‘ by the two hands. For Design Four, I redesigned three and placed the hands at the back, attaching it to card/mount board to make it stable. Even though it was a good idea, this design caused excess material to be used and it not being very cost-effective. The hands were also very static, giving no ’emotion’ to it.  Design Five was the idea I felt met the criteria of what I wanted, using springs at the back attached to the hands which enables it to move or ‘wave’ at the customers, making it friendly and jokey, as well as appealing to the young female customers. It also shows the hand print logo clearly and what it is selling.

Finalised, I redrew an enlarged version of the design, placing the product on it, and visualising what the point of sale display would look like if it was in the retail shop.