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Finally it’s the Final Book Cover!

18 Apr

The book cover is now in its completed form, and I have submitted it to Penguin before it’s closing date, which is tomorrow. So there’s no going back now.

In my last post, I did these designs and emailed them to my tutor. Out of all of them, he liked number 7 but I was advised on doing a few changes:

  1. Make wolf eyes smaller and bring them down so it did not interfere with the typography.
  2. Alternatively, put the eye’s on back and have rabbit looking at title with ‘An attack etc‘ above the title.
  3. Put author’s name, Ken Kesey, in capitals.

These were the designs I came out with next:

I emailed my tutor with these designs, and number 3 was picked, with small changes to be made again:

  1. Eyes slightly smaller.
  2. Author’s name, Ken Kesey, in a smaller size and fit in the space between feet of 1st and 2nd row rabbits.

And this is what I came out with and have sent to Penguin:

I can’t believe just how long this project has taken me. It’s been way over a month now, I’m sure of it. I’m just thinking now: Finally! It’s over! Yippie!

Anyways, I hope it’s to everyone’s taste. Perhaps there could have been a few more changes, we’ll see what Penguin says. But if I don’t make the cut, it’s no biggie. I’ll be disheartened, but it won’t destroy me : )

There are plenty more chances! ^__^

Book Cover and Headline Posters ~ Almost Final

20 Mar

I have done the next stage of my book cover design, where I was told to add colour. I went through a number of steps, and finally came out with this:

There’s also a pdf file of the whole process from beginning until now. (Just a note, this may not be the final. We have given in our work which will be given “forward feedback” for any development) PDF file here of the process.

I have also done posters for the newspaper headline poster assignment, with PDF file here of the stages I went through as I feel it is too long to explain, therefore hoping my sketchbook will do all the talk! Again, this may get given “forward feedback” so it may not be exact finals. But these are the posters.

Also, for some reason the green on the second poster has come out really bright on my blog, which is incredibly weird as this has never happened before, and is originally a more so toned-down green. Apologies for the unsightly thing. I’ll try to sort it out asap. Although, when you click it for the other view it goes back to its original green…. =/

Things that will change with the posters is the size of the headline. Although it has to be small, I think it’s a bit too small. And the hair outlines of the children in the second poster don’t seem to work. The winner really out of them both is the Japan poster.

That’s about it. Still working on logo designs and coming up well now. So sooner or later I’ll post them up along with talking about the case study we have to do based on talking to a professional from our chosen career path (e.g. since mine is illustration, I’ll have to talk to a professional illustrator by asking them particular questions relating to that career).

Anyways, off to do last bit of practicing for my animation presentation tomorrow. Bye bye! ^^

New Book Cover Design

12 Mar

This is the updated version of the book cover for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest for our second Portfolio Development assignment and Penguin publisher’s competition.

I was told by my module tutor to alter the perspective of the rabbit-head people, change the back cover and the title/author’s name to make it link with the same line drawing style the cover has, which is now what it is:

I’ve been told to make a few more changes, perhaps add a bit more colour to either the title/author or line drawing, same colour as the Penguin logo, but that’s about it.

Posters unfortunately will be shown another day, so I apologise for not showing anything new besides the book cover. But logo designs are gradually climbing up in the able-to-do ladder.

We also got given a new assignment for Portfolio Development, which is to do with information graphics, and has to be based on either our influences, day-to-day life, or a personal collection. Might do a personal collection of my anime/manga stuff since it is a part of me and who I am. There’s quite a bit, though, considering I had some since I was about 5/6 years old. Just have to attempt to find it all, or the majority of it this week : p

Can’t Think of a Title Right Now So I’m Putting This Instead

4 Mar

So at the moment I’m really happy (again) for a number of reasons:

  1. I have fully recovered from being ill.
  2. I have managed to do all the work specified so far (until tomorrow when more will be given!)
  3. I have managed to read some of the manga books I bought since the Hyper Japan event ^_^

Now, as for the work, logo branding of myself is extremely, extremely , extremely hard. And I haven’t been able to think of many bright ideas for it T_T only 12……….. And only one of them I like. Hope I won’t get killed for that little amount tomorrow o_o

I have also done my posters for the news headlines, but I’ll post them up another day with the logo designs.

Done my Penguin competition/assignment book cover jacket design. And I’ll post that up quickly. I am hoping that my tutor for the Portfolio Development module will not tell me to change it. As I am really happy with it. End of. But if I’m told to I guess I’ll have to…. We’ll see. But for now the plan is that I’ll talk about how I gone about the final design another day.


That’s all for tonight now. Off to bed for me.

Night night!