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A Time To Remember

20 Apr

This weekend I should be over at Ryan’s. I’m not. Why? Because there’s a lot of work to do for uni. Dammit all! >_<

So instead, earlier this evening, I decided upon looking for some stuff to use for the stop-motion animation I’m going to do for the Digital Narratives module. I came across an old play set of mine, a Sylvanian house and some of its accessories. And it fitted my Kokeshi dolls perfectly, especially through the door.

Then I found more stuff. And more. And even more. Until it came to this:

I began reminiscing A LOT when seeing all this stuff. And yes, back in the day, McDonald’s did sell some awesome toys such as miniature Barbies, My Little Ponies, Hot Wheels, Betty Spaghetti, Disney stuff etc. In case you don’t know what a Squirtle is, it’s a Pokemon.

(And yes, I was shocked also when I found my old teeth still in its glory.)

And this was Ryan’s reaction:

He was laughing because of how excited I got when I saw my old toys. And for the fact that I started acting like a kid playing with them whilst on the phone to him.

Thing is, now because he laughed so much he’s all ouchie again. Sorry RyRy T-T