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Final Future Font & 3D Letter

18 Jan

I am first posting up my final pieces for the Typography (Stage 2) module. I will start posting up my Research & Reference tomorrow as there is quite a lot.

For our Assignment 3, we had to design our own font, and after doing research on the history of it, I designed one based on Albrecht Durer’s concept of using grids, lines and circles. As I didn’t have a compass at hand, I used circular objects such as tins and tops of glue sticks etc to construct the serifs and ‘bites’ that are in some of the letters.

I have done two designs, one with circles and one without:

The circles were done in 2 blue gradients as I was experimenting with Pantone colour pens on paper and found the blue looked best as it was more subtle yet still striking. 

We also had to make a 3D letter using found materials in our house, based on the classical proportions of letters and has an attachment or outside piece with a brief history of the font chosen (either your own or  an existing font). I chose the existing font, Franklin Gothic.

I wanted to do this font as I am fond of it and it was used in the body text of my typography essay.

I made it using some sort of soft wood that was wedged between two sheets of thin plastic — and it was extremely hard to cut through with a scalpel knife. Then two sheets of mount board that was cut out into the letter ‘a’  was glued onto both sides of the wood. Once dried, it was covered in black poster paint.

Just so you know, these items were found in my house. My dad owned the bits of wood and I didn’t really ask his permission to use it until I started drawing on it…. Luckily he was ok with it.  And the mount board were spare pieces from when I mounted my Opera posters back in Assignment 2.

After, the tag was made by placing the information on some card and attaching it through the counter (or the gap in the letter ‘a’) using a string.

And lastly, Assignment 4 was an essay, but I’m not planning on putting it up :p

I’ll post my Designer’s Banquet for Research & Reference tomorrow (but again, not the essay!).