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Cupcakes Gone Bad

16 Mar

For our Ideas & Development class, we had to draw a 6-frame storyboard illustrating a funny event that has happened to us or someone we know. As you can see, it’s an event that has happened to me. Hopefully you will like it ^_^

Sell Me That Product NOW!

8 Mar

99p Challenge

For this Assignment in the Ideas & Development module, we had to select a product that costs exactly 99p and create a form of advertising for it to be able to fly off the shelves. My product was a shop brand hand and nail cream. Now, I will explain how I came about my final outcome shown in the link above.

When I was looking for a product to buy for this assignment, I came across this particular hand cream amongst other big branded creams at the same price. The main reasons I bought it was for the fact there was more in the tube for the price given, and that the colour attracted me to it. When it came to class, we had to think of a way to ‘sell’ our product. I remembered seeing the tube surrounded with other products, which makes it impossible for it to be singled out and eye-catching. It also just stood on the shelf, with nothing to stabilise it so it does not get knocked over. That’s when I decided to design a point of sale display (PoSD) to attract the product to its buyers.

I decided to target my product for teenage girls and young women (20’s) who are into health and beauty, especially hand and nail care. The reason for this was because of the pink colour of the tube, which is directly a stereotypical colour associated with females. I needed to make the point of sale display attractive but simple, and when seen can instantly tell what and who the product is for.

I first did a brainstorm highlighting the main issues needed to be tackled in order to produce designs for a PoSD. The main aspects I found when doing this brainstorm was the colour (pink/white – on hand cream tube) and the fact it had to be appealing and show what the product is for. But the one element I felt was the most important one was the logo of a hand print with a heart in the middle. I wanted to focus on this aspect and reflect it on the point of sale display.

The ideas were then sketched out and blocked with colour to communicate to the viewer. Design One is very simple, which didn’t give much attraction to customers. It also caused the logo not to become the main focus, making the PoSD dull. Design Two was an interesting shape, allowing the tubes to take in the form of the hand print logo. However, customers would not be able to see the shape of it or it may cause a lack of clarity when viewed. Design Three I found was quite a good idea, making the 3D handprints the main focus of the display and giving a ‘grabbing’ feeling of having the product. But due to the position of the hands being at the front, it may cause the target audience to not buy it as they are ‘blocked‘ by the two hands. For Design Four, I redesigned three and placed the hands at the back, attaching it to card/mount board to make it stable. Even though it was a good idea, this design caused excess material to be used and it not being very cost-effective. The hands were also very static, giving no ’emotion’ to it.  Design Five was the idea I felt met the criteria of what I wanted, using springs at the back attached to the hands which enables it to move or ‘wave’ at the customers, making it friendly and jokey, as well as appealing to the young female customers. It also shows the hand print logo clearly and what it is selling.

Finalised, I redrew an enlarged version of the design, placing the product on it, and visualising what the point of sale display would look like if it was in the retail shop.