Overall Work Design Progress

7 Dec

There have been plenty of changes to the projects in the modules.

For the calendar, I had to do these things throughout the past weeks:

  • Firstly, make all the illustrations in a darker colour to the block colours. So no harsh black interferes with it.
  • February: Change lower heart image to something else — too many hearts in one viewing.
  • Add info to the Sheraton/UNICEF (just use text from both websites)
  • Change the typography on the front. Makes it too corporate.

Next attempt:

Well after that it was said that the images on the box front does not reflect the drawings that are inside, so place kids at the front and back instead, with the text at the back set in columns.

Did that and came out with this Calendar design. You can also see them below. But in my opinion, the front does not work well compared to the back of the box. The tutor agrees also. So the design needs to be planned out again. It might be the colours, the poses, both, or something else. But it definitely needs sorting.

(The recipes in the calendar are only examples and are from books or the internet — just so the client knows what it looks like and that each month has a recipe based on the occasion linked to that particular month).







In case you wonder, this is the box design with the cards:



The box is tied through an elastic attached to the back which comes around the front and ties around the fastener.

The musical posters have also changed, with these notes taken into account:

Closer Than Ever:

  • Change title typeface — more ‘Art Nouveau’ style
  • All type to right side in line with petal
  • Include logos and musical information

And The World Goes ‘Round:

  • Flowers smaller
  • Small text brought further down
  • Title typeface changed to a sans-serif oblique face
  • Logos and Musical information added
  • Place a yellow flower shadows  for contrast behind original flowers

And these are the final designs. Hopefully they are the final designs.



For the Between The Lines project, the idea was really liked by my tutor, who advised me to add hair to it.


That’s it for the Design Portfolio module. There is a new project that’s just started, so there’s not much to it really.

As for Experimental Communication, a lot has been going on. From developing projects more to new ones. From when I did the postcard/Foutaises project, I developed it a bit more by attempting to post out a tea bag (which from my ‘Likes’, was: I like watching a tea bag expand as you pour hot water onto it.

My first attempt in posting it resulted it coming through, but with no tea grains in the bag. When I looked at it, it was deliberately cut. As well as this, it did not get stamped on to certify that it was posted, so I had to send it through again. My second attempt resulted in tea bag not even coming through and torn off from the address tag. Again, no certify stamp so I’ll have to send another one again, fully stapled and on a bigger address tag. Hopefully third time’s a charm.

Another idea I did for the postcard was a scroll which placed all my likes/dislikes written in calligraphy writing, and tied up with a ribbon. Pretty and personal.

A new project we had to do was visual instructions, with no text. And the instructions cannot be anything simple like how to make a cup of tea. Can be anything fun or ridiculous.

This was mine: How To Take Candy From A Baby:


We have another new project, which I’ll have to read through again as it’s a bit….. I’ll just say riddle-like, but isn’t at the same time :/

For Concept Development and the Sabbatical project, in the end I produced a thaumatrope. One side had a cage and the other had a dog. When spun you would see the dog in the cage, indicating it being trapped with no freedom. When no longer spinning, the dog is free.

A new project was given, where we have to produce a 32-page book on images based from our research and development of our sabbatical. Each image, however, has to be in some form of print, whether it be photocopy, digital print, lino or screen print. The images can be found in my blog for this module.

The other day I had an assessment with my tutors from the Design Portfolio and Experimental Communication. I’m doing well so far and my research is well prepared. The main thing they told me was that I lack ‘edginess’ in my work and need to tap into my ‘dark side’. Also, although my drawings are good, they’re old but not old and needs to tap more into a contemporary form. Hopefully that made sense to you readers. But it was basically like my instructions: although in a similar drawing style to the calendar drawings, it was more contemporary due to its format and black and white style. I don’t know how I’m going to do make my work more edgy, but hopefully it will work out. I do know that they like the way I work with proper materials/objects. We’ll just wait and see.

So that’s about it until the next time : )

2 Responses to “Overall Work Design Progress”

  1. Mark Armstrong December 22, 2012 at 20:12 #

    Whoa!– quite an update! You’ve been hard at it, dear Fox, and doing some fine work!

    Re the Calendar front: part of the feeling that “something’s off” might spring from the fact that the kids are interacting with the title in 3-dimensional space, while the title itself is clearly 2-dimensional– not sure. Also: there’s an imbalance: the left-hand side seems more weighted than the right. FWIW.

    Love the posters for the musicals. The way you’ve positioned the text looks excellent.

    I thought your Between The Lines was ingenious to begin with. Not sure I see how adding the hair helps. Is your tutor someone who’s losing his/her hair, perhaps?? : P

    Just the idea of mailing a tea bag on a postcard makes me laugh– perhaps you were placing too much temptation in front of a postal employee who longed for a cuppa… : )

    Your visual instruction for How To Steal Candy From A Baby made me roar with laughter. The very idea’s outrageous, and I liked how the little baby is still smiling after being ripped off. He clearly enjoyed the encounter, and never felt a thing!!

    Your tutors want you to tap into your dark side, eh? What– stealing candy from an infant wasn’t bad enough??? : )

    Your drawing style is very clean and precise; “edginess” seems to be equated with a grittier, less technically precise style– and it’s true that much of modern design is slanted along those lines.

    Two thoughts for making your work look edgier without radically altering it:

    1) you could try varying the width of your line (between thick and thin, rather than sticking to a single uniform line width) to give your drawings more “depth”

    2) try adding some grungy textures to your work– there are lots of free textures you can download; you can mask out any troublesome spots, and play around with opacity and layer modes; presto => instant grit => more edgy

    All FWIW. You’re doin’ great. Hang tough, don’t take critiques personally, see every assignment as a learning opp, keep smilin’, onward to victory!! : )

    • Sabine December 28, 2012 at 16:38 #

      That’s the biggest reply I have seen from you! o.o’

      Back on topic, I can see the ‘weightiness’ of the front cover. Overall, I can see what you mean, it’s just so hard right now to come up with something that gives off the Wow Factor.

      The posters I’m most proud of, especially the Closer Than Ever one. It seems to emanate a lot of elegance from it.

      I thought the same with the Between The Lines. I really liked the previous version especially with the stark contrast. But the reason to add hair was so to have people know what the little bendable things are without me having to say what they are.

      Haha, that could be it. They probably thought: “Oooh free tea bag!” And snuck it away in their pockets. The last attempt worked perfectly though, and looked like there was no attempt to steal for a cuppa : P

      Heh, I guess being dressed as a cute teddy bear helped the baby forget about the candy he even had!

      In some ways I guess that’s what my tutors want. It would be a very good idea to try those suggestions out. I tend to do the line thicknesses a lot with my hand drawn work but when it comes to computer work the lines are always one width. So I’ll definitely try and work on that. As for the grunge textures, would they be free for commercial use if depicted within works for clients or self-published works? These sort of things always get my brain hurting….

      Thank you, Mark — I really appreciate the feedback and support. You always have great knowledge on what to do! ^^

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