Note To Self: 1) Read A Brief Carefully; 2) If Not Sure, Ask!

22 Oct

So it’s been a busy few weeks, with a lot of things going on.

Still working on the calendar project, with drawing out the ideas, planning typography and colour is the main focus that needs to be sort of sorted out by next week (Week 5 of class) so to propose it to the client. We were only told of this last week… T_T So far, only two drawings have been made out of 12, and there are also puzzles, layout, and putting it together to do that I am planning…. Looks like plentiful late nights for me again *yippie*

There’s also another live brief for Design Portfolio, where with our university who is joined with the London College of Music has requested for promotional material (A3/4 posters, DL flyers, A5 programmes and online banners/announcements) for three of their five musicals they will do.

All imagery etc must be adapted to the different sizes of the promotional material. For hand-in, we only choose two of the three designs we have done. The three musicals we have to produce the material for are: Closer Than Ever, And The World Goes ‘Round, and Into The Woods. All interesting might I add, and reminds me of when in the first half of the second year we did opera posters for a typography module. That seems so long ago now… But the themes are quite broad and I’m thinking for some of them focus a bit on one of the songs or the theme of it.

Now, as for Experimental Communication, we had to produce a postcard which must be posted to our tutor, displaying our likes and dislikes in an illustrative way, but not necessarily the traditional way of illustration. It has to be sent through the post so people can see it through the travels the postcard goes through.

And silly me thought that the postcard had to be professionally printed, but I have now found out that it didn’t need to be so I wasted £15 for eight postcards I don’t need (overall 10 I ordered) when I could have done it in a cheaper way T^T

Wish I thought of emailing my tutor before doing the whole process…….. >_<

Anyways, this is the final design:

And this is the process that went into it:


With the postcard idea I wanted to take the shape as part of the formation of the text. So with the rectangle tool I drew out the shape and with the text tool selected ‘Type on a Path Tool’ where the type follows the line it is directed on. To make it in the spiral shape, I drew out another rectangle as shown above and used the second one to carry on with the next line of text.


The finalised black/white piece.


I then selected all the text and grouped it together (Ctrl+G), went onto Windows > Appearance and double-clicked the Contents tab area, which came up with Group: No Appearance.

Then with the small arrow on the top right of the Appearance tab, I clicked on Add New Fill which allowed me to select a new colour for it. I chose a rainbow gradient style.


I didn’t like the linear form it took as it felt too separate and wanted it as one continuous flow. So I went onto the Gradient tab, where it says ‘Linear’, clicked the arrow tab and selected ‘Radial’, allowing the colours to form in a circle.


Through the printing website, it mentioned of making it into outlines by Type > Create Outlines which allows the text to maintain its format settings. Tip: If you plan to do Create Outlines, make sure your type is the right size beforehand as once done you cannot adjust the point size.

So that’s the steps in creating the postcard. I just hope my tutor is not mad at me when I emailed her saying that I may not have the card delivered to me before our lesson on Thursday, and that instead I bring in a draft copy and send the actual piece to her once it comes through : /

(Why did I make it so complicated for myself?!)

All I can say is that I realised now that I misinterpreted the brief when it said: “remember your card is open to the public so try to produce ideas both high in quality and concept“.

Besides this, there is also a presentation we have to do consisting of only 3 images/instances (not including any friends/family) which lasts for five minutes detailing why those images have influenced and helped shape us as a designer. That will be done soon, but the deadline is Week 6 (now being Week 4).

Anyways…. For Concept Development, there has been a few things progressing from it. In one of our lessons we had to produce collages depicted our two words (which were Suspend and Sleep). Both sketches done in the previous post , although are good, it needs to portray the essence of suspended sleep. The first one, only one person’s sleep is broken, whilst the other the feeling of falling is a good aspect.

So from magazine cut-outs, I did two collages that demonstrates such thing:

My tutor (for this module) liked the imagery used to portray it. Gave a somewhat dreamy feel to it (for obvious reasons of course!).

Our next task was to produce a triptych (3 panels) with a solution to our words. It had to be either a Powerpoint or printed visual. This was mine:

And this was the Powerpoint for it: SabineFox_SuspendSleep

Here is a critique post I have written from a blog I have to do as part of this module:

Although the transition effect (fade; three seconds per slide) works well with the concept of ‘Suspend Sleep’, the triptych as a whole does not communicate it well enough for the viewer to fully understand the meaning behind it until perhaps the last slide which is the only slide that reflects on any notion of sleep.

Therefore, all slides need to show sleeping in a form that can be in a continuous structure within the triptych.

I feel that the fonts fully demonstrate ‘Suspend Sleep’ as the doubling up of ‘Falling’ in Colonna MT (287pt) font helps to provide movement due to its linear structure and gaps within each letter, whilst with ‘in your dreams’ in Gabriola (60pt) font helps to reflect the relaxed state a person is in when asleep as well as the mind being in an unconscious state.

However, the ‘in your dreams’ part of the triptych, although helps to show the side of sleeping, does not completely show it as one may think of it as actually dreaming of falling rather than sleeping. With this in mind, there needs to be another way of portraying the sleep part of the triptych that can also be more visual to the viewer. An example would be using multiples of the letter ‘z’ on the background.

Choosing the colours shown I first felt that it would help with the contrast and allow the sections to also be distinguished, however, another colour such as dark blue would possibly be better to use for either the words or background to portray the theme of night.

If needs be that I think more for it, I have to add it on. I’ll have to make a few changes, so eventually they’ll be a new one ^_^

As well as this, there is also another brief for this module, where we have to take a 3-5 hour mini-sabbatical which must invest in time, money, not being lazy and must be recorded in some way like photographs or video etc. So I’m still sorta thinking of something good…. Just don’t know yet!


6 Responses to “Note To Self: 1) Read A Brief Carefully; 2) If Not Sure, Ask!”

  1. Mark Armstrong November 3, 2012 at 03:01 #

    Whoa! You’ve been hard at it, dear Fox– what a wide range of assigned projects! Fortunately, you have an imagination that’s clearly up to the job… : )

    FWIW: I’ve misread a few creative brief myself. The work can always be corrected, of course, but it’s embarrassing if one has to ask for a deadline extension, etc. Plus the urge to kick oneself is pronounced– I’ve often been glad one can’t really execute said maneuver… : (

    Really liked your collages, and the triptych is most cool! Great base to build on, no matter how you decide to tweak the details. Nice work!! : )

    • Sabine November 4, 2012 at 20:48 #

      That is very true. I really wanted to do said actions to myself that day! In the end it turned out alright though : )

      As a professional illustrator it must be somewhat hard for you to have to explain why the work could not be delivered on such day and ask for an extension. Hopefully they were not too mad when it happened. But as long as the work gets done they should be happy : )

      I’m glad you liked them. Surprisingly it was quite easy to find the images and put them together, then again I was looking through a fashion magazine :p

      Eventually I will put the details of the new work up, just taking some time as there is lots to do!

  2. Game Delver November 16, 2012 at 07:00 #

    I wish I had the time and patience to learn more about typography and this style of art. Your piece here is so simple but still so intriguing. I’d love to have the talent to do some sort of typographic short story.

    • Sabine November 16, 2012 at 16:59 #

      Thank you Game Delver for popping over and commenting. It is really appreciated ^^

      It can take a while to certainly learn about typography. It’s not my most strongest of subjects but it is an enjoyable one once the project gets going. The artwork in itself is truly astounding a lot of the time. But typography doesn’t have to be completely digital. It can be created using everyday household objects, hand drawn, or things you see in your environment. It definitely makes it more fun that way : )

      Every person who starts out in typography was once a novice, so it needs not that you have to be a professional to try and do said task. A typographic short story sounds ever so interesting. If you ever do create one I would love to see it ^_^

      • Game Delver November 16, 2012 at 17:44 #

        I’ll have to start writing creatively again before I ever feel comfortable enough to branch out further. And that has been very tough to do!

      • Sabine November 16, 2012 at 17:57 #

        That is very understandable. Creative block is a hard time indeed. It tends to come back in the most unlikeliest of moments. Best not to force it and instead let it run its course. It can take a while but it will get there.

        From what I read on your blog your writing is truly extroadinary. How you expressed your letter to Squaresoft was beautiful in visual terms. I wish you the best of luck on the creative writing : )

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