Who Would Think That Cats Can Multitask?

22 Sep

Just been watching one of Ryan’s kitties, called Anna, scratching and sticking her tongue in and out at the same time. Was quite amusing. Right now she is on my lap and does not want to get off no matter what I do!

As for Ryan, he had his operation on the Monday that passed, was discharged on Tuesday, and today is back in A&E due to an infection caused by the wound near his navel. It got worse this morning with increased pain and fever and when we went back to hospital they first thought he would need another operation but to remove his appendix as both appendicitis and gall stones have similar symptoms (by the way, it turned out that he had more stones than they thought, size of small air rifle pellets and practically filled up a small jar). Anyways after scans and numerous tests they believed it to be an infection and not appendicitis. So after 10 hours of being in hospital he was finally properly admitted. And as he is in A&E on drips by himself, I am also by myself (although with his parents and two cats) in his room. But it really isn’t the same without him. So I think little Anna and Daisy (Anna and Daisy are sisters — tortoise-shell kitty cats) are keeping mummy company so she doesn’t feel lonely ^_^ although really I wish to be with Ryan so he isn’t lonely all night…
Oh, if there are loads of mistakes, I apologise as I’m doing this on an iPod. But let’s hope Ryan’s troubles are the last of it now. It never seems to end for him. My poor boy. Hopefully he is sleeping well tonight.

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