Update from Yesterday

22 Sep

So this morning we received a call from Ryan. He was not too happy as he hardly slept and doctors kept coming in prodding and asking him about the abdominal pain. They were very adamant about it being appendicitis although the swelling/pain Ryan was having was below the navel area and not anywhere near the left or right side. But they didn’t seem to listen. And you could hear down the phone how Ryan was getting really angry, upset and stressed, and believe me, I have seen his anger and it’s not pretty… Especially for the fact he was not allowed to eat or drink (for no reason given to him)

An hour or so later we got another call from him mentioning that the head doctor, what we believe, had an earful with the other doctors and told them to leave Ryan alone and let her deal with the patient as she knows what was going on from reading his medical notes. And lo and behold, we found out that he has abscess. So now they are pumping him full of antibiotics and loads of other stuff to get rid of it and if it does not clear up, it needs to be removed surgically. But Ryan was happy that he was given the clear to eat and drink now.

But problem now was tracking down the doctor who operated on Ryan as it is rare for a gall bladder patient to have abscess (more so an infection but not really that) and to see what exactly happened on the day. Especially for the fact he was sent home quickly where from what the head doctor said Ryan should have stayed until at least Wednesday. We found out also that the surgeon should have come back to see Ryan and if there was any development on the same day, which never happened (as I am witness to that as I was there for practically the whole of the visiting hours).

Plus, we also found out that as Ryan could not swallow properly and his larynx was swollen, it was due to the camera tube going down his throat and scraping it. But it looks like it is healing now.

So it’s still not good news. Don’t know how long he has to be in hospital for, but I really wish for him to be back tomorrow. He doesn’t deserve this after what he has been through all these months.


2 Responses to “Update from Yesterday”

  1. Mark Armstrong September 22, 2012 at 23:06 #

    Read the previous post in this sad and stressful tale, and will jump ahead to this one for a comment.

    I’m so sorry, dear Fox– an awful and distressing tale it is. Glad that one doctor stepped in when she did, and– hopefully– things are now on the right track. You and Ryan have certainly had an agonizing time. He’s a lucky lad to have someone like you in his corner.

    Can only say, hang in there, both of you, do give the lad my best, will keep you both in my prayers.

    Man, next to all this, graphic design seems like a piece of cake! : )

    • Sabine September 26, 2012 at 13:43 #

      Thank you again Mark for your wishes : )

      I can say now that Ryan will be home today. A lot has happened within the days that have passed, and Ryan is gradually on the mend.

      Let us hope now that this is the end of it after almost six months ^^

      Haha, I can definitely agree with you there! Looking at it now the course is nothing compared to these past months! Never have been through so many emotions at the same time. Just happy now that it is practically over : )

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