Another Month Soon To Pass

21 Aug

Can not believe it has been almost a month since my last post! It’s been yet another busy month for this Busy Bean.

Well, what can I say, not much has happened. Unfortunately still no progress for my Ryan. Waiting on news for an operation date, but from date of referral it can take up to 18 weeks. So far I think it has been about 6 weeks. He was well the last couple of weeks but the last few days I have been hearing (from him calling me as I’m home for a bit now) that he had another attack episode and that now his body (his mindset is not however) is now addicted to the medication tramadol, and if he doesn’t take it, it can cause major side effects, such as fainting spells (so he still needs to be with someone at all times), mood swings, unconsciousness, and a possible coma-like state.

So he was told that once he has his operation he will be weened off the meds. They were meant to make him stop taking it at some point, but it was never mentioned. It seems that it’s getting worse and worse. But as they say, things can only get worse in order to get better. Let’s just hope that now it will get better.

In other slight happier news, I actually got off my lazy bum and done some work for uni. I’m now still waiting on replies from agencies I have emailed in relation to this presentation I have to do in time for third year.

Also, the Sailor Mars costume I am planning to make will not be done in time for November’s Hyper Japan event, because I haven’t even started it and still need to find the correct materials for it. So the costume is again, postponed for a later, later date when it will eventually be ready.

And soon I will be turning the grand age of 22! Yay! But first, it is the waiting game for my Tales of Graces F video game on the 31st! ^_______^

Apologies that there will be no Sailor Scout picture today, I’m still working on the second one, Sailor Mercury. Taking longer than I anticipated.


2 Responses to “Another Month Soon To Pass”

  1. Mark Armstrong August 25, 2012 at 02:41 #

    Man, what a horrible ordeal for poor Ryan, and very stressful for you as well. I’m so sorry. Will keep you both in my prayers. Hang in there, this, too, shall pass… : )

    Well, perhaps it’s just as well the Sailor Mars costume has been delayed. It would have caused a sensation at HJ, you would have upset the entire proceedings, and they probably would have thrown you out on your ear.

    Whew!– narrow escape… : P

    • Sabine August 28, 2012 at 14:52 #

      Haha, I certainly would never like that to happen O.O

      But if you take a look at my newest post it’s getting there : )

      It is certainly terrible how this is going for Ryan. I just hope that it goes ok when it comes to the time it happens.

      Thank you for your continuous support! ^___^

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