Small Update

5 Jul

So today I’ll be off to Ryan’s to look after him for the next week or so, but for different reasons. Unfortunately, he did not have his operation yesterday, because there was no operation appointed. Basically, the receptionist sent out the wrong letter to the patients in need of an operation. They were meant to be having consultations. And believe me, Ryan was not happy and neither was I.

How unprofessional it has been conducted and the way they brought it up to him and the other patients. And now, he has to wait for another 6-8 weeks for an operation, which by that time the clock is ticking as it is now needed for the whole gall bladder to be removed since it is completely affected. Better yet, the gall stones have broken down (which caused the liver/gall bladder to go down) and it’s now the case where they can not operate on him yet as if they do and the ‘sludge’ from the broken down stones get into his blood stream, it can basically kill him. Not a great way to put it.

But it has angered me that the time he was in hospital for two weeks, and the numerous hospital visits he had to make because of the constant pain, nothing was done. They had plenty of time to perform an operation before the gall bladder got to this state, but they left it for so long without doing anything that now it has lead to this.

I guess for now we have to wait and see what happens. But for now he has to be supervised at all times because of the condition he is in.

One Response to “Small Update”

  1. Mark Armstrong July 5, 2012 at 18:16 #

    Hi Sabine, sorry, I’m a little behind on my favorite blogs… : (

    Very sorry to hear about Ryan’s situation. Sounds awful for both of you.

    Hang in there, do give Ryan my best, and I shall keep you both in my prayers.

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