Itty Bitty Update

21 May

So it’s been another busy week or so. Had to make a few very tiny changes to some of my environmental graphics designs. Overall I’m pleased with how they turned out. I’ll talk about that, and the newest version of my manga infographic, another day. But just a little note, I have finally finished the Portfolio Development module and will now be waiting for my results for it.

As for this post, I just want to say that I have started my animation (process of doing the photographs as well as putting it together). So far I would say I have done at least 40% of it in photographs and 20% of the animation put together. Doesn’t sound much, but really I actually don’t have that much to go if I continue with this calm attitude I have for the moment.

But here is a sneak peek (have sound on!) as to what I have done so far after I got back from submitting work.

Overall I have done about 26 seconds from many, many photos. My tutor for this module says that the slight shakiness doesn’t matter, as it does not need to be professional and that I can portray the almost hand-made effect of it. Obviously if I had a much better tripod it would be tops. But for the time limit I have, I can’t waste it trying to sort out the easy flow of it.

Anyways, on an interesting note, there is a new member to the Fox household. A real Fox. Literally. It has been coming over for about a month now and I have seen it twice in our garden (and it’s so cute!) It even came up real close to the door from the kitchen that leads to the garden. It’s a young one and we think it’s a boy. But I say almost every animal looks like it’s a boy, besides ones that have high-pitched tones in their sounds.

But the other day I was finishing up scanning my books for electronic submission and I heard this catfight. But with one cat. There was no other cat making hisses and scary meows but what I did hear was a growl. And something falling. I went downstairs to go see, believing that the fox and a cat is having a territorial fight, and noticed Gingy (a ginger and bulky stray cat who croaks instead of meows, and pops over every now and then) just sitting on the ground acting casual, looking at me as if to say: “what? I didn’t do nothing.” It was quite funny. But I think Gingy attacked the fox, which is unusual as it should be the other way around. But it hasn’t stopped it from coming over as we left scraps in the garden and it’s already come back to eat its fill.

Oh and as for the falling thing, we found out this morning it was one of my mum’s potted plants.

2 Responses to “Itty Bitty Update”

  1. Mark Armstrong May 24, 2012 at 18:13 #

    Whoa! This post had it all: exciting animation, mysterious crashes, comedy (Gingy), and tragedy (potted plant)… : )

    I love the animation!! Extremely well done. Does it have anything to do with Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado? with its Three Little Maids song? No, no, don’t tell me– mustn’t spoil the plot!!

    A fox for the Fox Family– it seems incredible! Careful– you could all wind up on the telly… : )

    I told your tutor about it, he said: “She’d better be careful: if she gets bitten and gets rabies, I’m not going to give her an extension on the assignment!!” How cruel…

    Oh well, doesn’t matter– you’re floating in a sea of calm… : )

    • Sabine June 1, 2012 at 00:52 #

      I’m glad you’re loving it. Hopefully you’ll like the final product just as much as what you saw here : )

      Whoa, I remember that song! I definitely remember also hearing it in a cartoon when a kid, can’t remember the name of it though : p
      (ahhh! too many ‘remembers’!)

      Haha, saying it like that, it sounds like it would be an interesting comedy sketch show.

      That is quite cruel. Luckily, I didn’t get any of that, but have been really busy the last few days just before the hand-in. Thankfully I managed to pull through and hand the work in on time ^__^

      And now it is the end I am floating on that sea of calm : )

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