New Infographic & Updates on Other Stuff

30 Apr

I have done the next stage of my information graphic. Personally, I’m still with my first idea. I find the new one is too wordy and the images don’t scream at you as I feel they should. We’ll see how it goes in tomorrow’s (or later this morning) lesson. But for now, here’s what I have done, the new-infographic. There are spelling mistakes which I realised after printing out, and I’ll make the changes if used as a final. I would have done a jpeg here, but you wouldn’t be able to read anything.

I have done basically everything I was told to do: name genres, artists, number of mangas from each title exactly, a description of the manga (which was really hard to do in the most simplest format without giving too much away — and what I wrote is the simplest way to describe each of them!). It was also suggested and asked if there are any crossovers between the mangas, which there are in plentiful, especially in CLAMP’s works, but there’s not enough room to do that… This document in viewing mode is A1 size (print out has been shrunk to A2) as I couldn’t fit everything on there properly (the previous design was shrunk from A2 to A3).

Anyways, it would be interesting to know people’s take on it, if it gives too much, does it make you want to read any of them, or it’s ok etc etc. But I just don’t feel it’s an infographic anymore…

The only thing you would gather from it all is that I’m a fan of CLAMP‘s work. Although I don’t have all of their mangas, I’m planning one day to own them all. But if you decide to look up on the artworks of each title I own, you could guess that the reason I chose these mangas was because I’m a sucker for what I consider to be beautiful art works in the manga world.

Well, that’s all for infographics. My next assignment is environmental graphics which has to be based on education and the university I’m in, but I’ll talk about that another day. As for my stop motion animation, I’m getting all the props ready (bought some little doll house pieces from a crafts shop the other day especially for this project so I better get something good out of it, hahaha!). I have done a couple of background stuff and just got to do a few more then I can start the whole thing : )

As for Professional Design Practice, we have been doing a team project the last couple of weeks and will be doing a presentation in lesson. As for the Case Study we are doing, I’m waiting for my contact to get back to me for the answers to my questions. I just hope the email was received since it’s been slightly over a week now. If by tomorrow evening there hasn’t been a reply, gonna email again to see what has happened.

4 Responses to “New Infographic & Updates on Other Stuff”

  1. Mark Armstrong May 2, 2012 at 21:12 #

    Whoa! Quite a collection, quite a ton of info!

    I’ll be honest and say that my first thought was: not enough art, too many words.

    I’m not sure I could define an infographic off the top of my head. I tend to think of them as having some central image that allows one to incorporate the text as part of the image, or as multiple parts of the image.

    FWIW: Looking at your poster chart, I had an image of a samurai swordsman jump into my head, and I wondered if you could render it as a silhouette broken into pieces, along what would be natural divisions: hair, headband, head, two arms, torso divided by a black belt, legs, feet– and somehow work all the manga logos into those areas. Next to each one, condense all the text info into a short line describing each storyline.

    That’s strictly FWIW, and I do appreciate all the info gathering, organizing, and hard work you put into the piece, dear Fox!! : )

    • Sabine May 3, 2012 at 00:07 #

      We’re definitely on the same wavelength with the too much text, less art concept. I showed it to my tutor on Monday’s lesson, and there is now going to be the massive task of scanning every cover and stacking them up like tallying instead of mentioning the total. Then have the information (artists/category/genres etc) underneath.

      I do like your idea though Mark. Unfortunately the only problem would be is that it would really just focus on one manga that has a sort of samurai in it. But I really appreciate the input, would be awesome to do if I could do it : ) or something similar.

      It did take a very long and exhausting time, and I actually said to people that I won’t be offended if they don’t read the whole thing as I also felt like that! I’ll see if somehow it can be cut down, although right now my brain is saying it can’t :p

  2. tokyobling September 10, 2012 at 04:53 #

    Clamp was one of the first manga I came across here in Japan, just because of the great art! But my little collection was ruined in a bad typhoon many years ago. Still, most Clamp books are 105 yen at the used book stores around here!

    • Sabine September 10, 2012 at 12:19 #

      That’s really a shame to hear about your collection. At least you were alright though : )

      I also love the art work they produce, it’s truly beautiful to me. It’s hard to find second hand mangas here (unless on ebay) but so far I am collecting the re-releases of some of their mangas. Hoping one day to own the originals though ^_^

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