New and Hopefully Final Book Cover Designs

17 Apr

Well today I woke up with more of a fresh feeling after a good sleep. Although I had some pretty weird dreams that I can’t really remember now :/

Anyways, I mentioned how I was going to change my book cover again. Reason being was because the past week after I did the post with my previous design I looked at it more and the black background has been bugging me endlessly, and I felt something wasn’t right with it still.

I wanted to go with the original background which is the same as the rectangle box surrounding the barcode. In yesterday’s lesson I spoke with my tutor for that module and he agreed with me, so I had scrapped it straight away. It drowned out everything and the white textured title seemed to have made it worse whereas it looked much better in black.

We discussed a bit more that perhaps the front cover is trying to show too much, therefore removing the message of the illustration. We couldn’t move the eyes back to the back cover as the rabbit with folded arms/McMurphy would lose its meaning. My tutor suggested instead to try to use a condensed sans-serif font for the author and/or title. I looked through all the fonts I have, and it was very hard to find a good condensed font. I managed to find this font called DejaVu Sans condensed. Thing is when I used it, it still seemed weird as it wasn’t so condensed as I wanted to view it as. So I did the actions of Type >Create Outlines to alter the look of the font. Which turned out how I wanted it to.

He also suggested to perhaps make the folded arms rabbit in black outline instead and it seems ok. But I have done multiple designs with the textured font and without and these are what I came out with. And I thought of seeing what it looks like with/without a coloured spine.

I’m hoping there will be no more changes to be made as it’s getting a bit annoying. But I have emailed my tutor these designs and I hope that he’ll pick one of them before midday on Thursday.

2 Responses to “New and Hopefully Final Book Cover Designs”

  1. Mark Armstrong April 20, 2012 at 14:18 #

    Whoa! A ton of work, but hats off for your perseverance and dedication! If people only knew what a designer-illustrator goes thru behind the scenes– I can identify!!

    Great to be able to see all the designs as a group. #7 was the clear winner for me. The black outline for Rabbit McMurphy provides needed emphasis, and the solid black font is much easier to read, and provides better contrast against the orange eyes.

    Well done. There comes a time when one has to pull the plug and say I did my best. Good luck, and it was a great learning experience no matter how it turns out. : )

    • Sabine April 20, 2012 at 21:18 #

      It did take some time, but honestly I did enjoy the experience. It was something completely new for me, and it’s been a while since I have perservered that much for a finished design.

      I’m glad you agree with the final design. At least I know it’s got the thumbs up with a pro ^___^

      And thank you. We’ll definitely see the outcome sometime next month : )

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