Little Zingy in the Electric Dream

9 Apr


This EDF Energy advert is truly wonderful. It’s been on tv for a couple of days now. That little orange blob is called a Beatbot/MyKeepon, or “Zingy” as I found out from YouTube comments, and they dance along to the sound of the music played. But I haven’t been able to find the exact one used in this advert…yet. I have found a yellow version that’s for £40 though.

But I really want the orange blob (which when looking closer, the top part is like a flame — more cuter saying orange blob)! It’s just so adorable and you can never feel sad after watching this advert. I love the bit where it’s looking at itself on the laptop ^__^

And the song, by Phil Oakey called Together In Electric Dreams, is quite awesome. It’s now a favourite song for me. Just wondered why I never have heard it on the radio before (as my favourite radio station plays songs from 60s – late 80s/early 90s). Goes well with the whole feel and energy (no pun intended) of the advert : )

*Edit @ 21:30 : From talking about this advert even more with my boyfriend whilst he was driving me back home, I found it amusing that this little gizmo, or the ones that are mass marketed, use 8x 1.5V AAA batteries or a 12V plug-in adapter, and it’s used in an advert for an energy company.

BUT! I guess it’s telling us that no matter how long you use this little fun thing or any other thing, your energy bill won’t get hurt in the process if you sign up to the new price plan they have set up  : D

**Edit #2: Found out that Zingy is a mascot for the EDF Energy company. So it’s unlikely it would be sold to the market. If they do, however, me thinks it would probably be for their new customers.


2 Responses to “Little Zingy in the Electric Dream”

  1. Mark Armstrong April 12, 2012 at 18:47 #

    I could identify with the look on the cat’s face… : )

    I’m happy to report that I watched the video 2,348 times, and I feel great!!!

    Of course, I always feel great after visiting The Fox Blog– it’s totally zingy!! : )

    • Sabine April 13, 2012 at 16:39 #

      Haha, oh I guess it’s more of: “what on earth is that little, squeaky blob?!” : p

      I’m glad my blog makes you feel the greatness and zingy-ness every time you pop over

      I’ll definitely continue in bringing that zing and shine to it ^____^

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