Book Cover and Headline Posters ~ Almost Final

20 Mar

I have done the next stage of my book cover design, where I was told to add colour. I went through a number of steps, and finally came out with this:

There’s also a pdf file of the whole process from beginning until now. (Just a note, this may not be the final. We have given in our work which will be given “forward feedback” for any development) PDF file here of the process.

I have also done posters for the newspaper headline poster assignment, with PDF file here of the stages I went through as I feel it is too long to explain, therefore hoping my sketchbook will do all the talk! Again, this may get given “forward feedback” so it may not be exact finals. But these are the posters.

Also, for some reason the green on the second poster has come out really bright on my blog, which is incredibly weird as this has never happened before, and is originally a more so toned-down green. Apologies for the unsightly thing. I’ll try to sort it out asap. Although, when you click it for the other view it goes back to its original green…. =/

Things that will change with the posters is the size of the headline. Although it has to be small, I think it’s a bit too small. And the hair outlines of the children in the second poster don’t seem to work. The winner really out of them both is the Japan poster.

That’s about it. Still working on logo designs and coming up well now. So sooner or later I’ll post them up along with talking about the case study we have to do based on talking to a professional from our chosen career path (e.g. since mine is illustration, I’ll have to talk to a professional illustrator by asking them particular questions relating to that career).

Anyways, off to do last bit of practicing for my animation presentation tomorrow. Bye bye! ^^


2 Responses to “Book Cover and Headline Posters ~ Almost Final”

  1. Mark Armstrong March 21, 2012 at 13:33 #


    I’ve just scrolled thru your PDF work files– quite overwhelming… and impressive! A wonderful look behind the scenes (= finals-to-date). Most people would be shocked at the prep work involved in designing a book cover or poster. Hey, I know what it’s like– and I was shocked anyway!! : )

    I really like what you’ve done with the book cover. I’ve seen the stage play and movie, but never read the book, so had missed the “rabbit connection.” Well documented and explained.

    Some excellent poster ideas. Very impressed to see you did so many. Yes, must agree the Japan hole-digging contest (!!– incredible, news to me!) has emerged as the strongest contender. You were channeling your Japan passion there, I think!

    Well done!! : )

    • Sabine March 21, 2012 at 16:19 #

      I really did not realise that again, a Japan-esque theme cropping up! It’s getting too much now, haha : p

      It is quite surprising by the amount. I felt quite overwhelmed by them and because we worked on both assignments at the same time, my book isn’t organised as I want it to be compared to the PDF files!

      I’m quite surprised that the “rabbit connection” never came up in the film or stage play. When I read that part I felt that it was an incredible and strong comparison to make, that it had to be shown some way or another.

      Thank you Mr.Armstrong for another wonderful comment! ^__^

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