Stop-Motion Animation Narrative Presentation

15 Mar

I have done my presentation for Week 7 of Digital Narratives. If you remember from my last post I was mentioning how I was planning on focusing on stop-motion animation. For this presentation I had to look more into stop-motion and explain the narrative forms of particular animations, which can be found in these notes.

There’s also an experiment I did based on Object Animation. It’s not at all fantastic like the ones from the professionals, but it was my first try in trying it out (and I do know that I need a flat surface to keep the camera steady! So apologies for the shakiness of it). In case you wonder what the doll was from the animation, it is a Kokeshi Doll which I bought a couple of weeks back from London’s Chinatown (although technically Kokeshi Dolls are Japanese!). I haven’t given her a name yet, though…

This is the animation if you can’t view it on the Power Point. As I said, quality is not great so don’t expect any “WOWS!”

The animations that I looked at were:

I really enjoyed watching the old stop-motion animations. Something about them was ever so innocent. I wish I found them sooner though, but I guess it’s better late than never! And watching the Morph shorts really brought back some good memories of watching it as a kid ^_^

I really fell in love with Lotte Reiniger’s Cinderella. The intricate details, beauty, and simplicity of the animation is truly astounding.

But the effort that went into these animations is remarkable. Dedication and patience is truly needed and it played out well for all of them.

Very amazing works of art.


2 Responses to “Stop-Motion Animation Narrative Presentation”

  1. Mark Armstrong March 16, 2012 at 19:44 #

    Wonderful job!! You certainly captured the gist. Yes, I can’t begin to imagine all the patience and care needed to keep the camera locked into position and steady, not to mention the minute changes to one’s subject, without nudging it out of position.

    For your first try, I’d say that was excellent. And, of course, using a Japanese subject is perfect for you– sure to keep your enthusiasm at a high pitch!!

    Really enjoyed looking at those period animations, too. They were all new to me. Great idea to include those links– very well structured post. Take a bow, young Fox!! : )

    • Sabine March 19, 2012 at 23:09 #

      Thank you again, Mark ^^

      Glad you enjoyed watching them. They certainly are things you have to take some time off to just take even a few minutes of viewing.

      And of course, hehe. I’m thinking of leading that experiment into more development. We’ll see how it goes from now =]

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