New Book Cover Design

12 Mar

This is the updated version of the book cover for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest for our second Portfolio Development assignment and Penguin publisher’s competition.

I was told by my module tutor to alter the perspective of the rabbit-head people, change the back cover and the title/author’s name to make it link with the same line drawing style the cover has, which is now what it is:

I’ve been told to make a few more changes, perhaps add a bit more colour to either the title/author or line drawing, same colour as the Penguin logo, but that’s about it.

Posters unfortunately will be shown another day, so I apologise for not showing anything new besides the book cover. But logo designs are gradually climbing up in the able-to-do ladder.

We also got given a new assignment for Portfolio Development, which is to do with information graphics, and has to be based on either our influences, day-to-day life, or a personal collection. Might do a personal collection of my anime/manga stuff since it is a part of me and who I am. There’s quite a bit, though, considering I had some since I was about 5/6 years old. Just have to attempt to find it all, or the majority of it this week : p


4 Responses to “New Book Cover Design”

  1. Mark Armstrong March 13, 2012 at 17:48 #

    It’s looking great! Yes, some color would help draw the viewer’s eye. What about giving one of the rabbit-guys, say, a “Penguin Orange” shirt, to show he’s the hero, the colorful one. Or is that too obvious–?

    Collecting manga since age 5?? Lemme guess– yer mum brought you home from the hospital in a little kimono, and things snowballed from there… : )

    • Sabine March 13, 2012 at 18:19 #

      I don’t know if I can do that (using the Penguin logo on it), but I’ll certainly use the orange colour ^^
      Just do a bit of experimenting and see how it goes.

      Hehe. That would be awesome! It actually started out with a doll or two. My dad brought them home — he worked and still does in a sci-fi shop in London. They don’t sell anime/manga stuff now, mind you. Anyways, he told me to take care of them as they were special Japanese dolls. I was really fascinated by them and because of the way they looked being more pretty than a regular Barbie doll, I kept them in as good condition as possible after playing with them and today they are still in their boxes. Talking about this stuff can go on for a bit, so I’m gonna stop now : p

      • Mark Armstrong March 13, 2012 at 18:24 #

        Ha! Yes, I can see you’re into it!!– but I appreciate the backstory, very cool. (My dad worked for the telephone company– not quite as hip as a sci-fi shop!)

        P.S. I meant just use that shade of orange (found in the Penguin logo), not the logo itself. Sorry that wasn’t clear!

      • Sabine March 13, 2012 at 19:46 #

        Telephone company is still cool! I always wondered what other professions are like. The only disadvantage of having a dad working in a shop like this is that there is less room in the house :p Our house is bamboozled with knick-knacks.

        Don’t apologise. It’s me who got it wrong by reading it wrong. Think it’s due to having watched too many animation videos and note taking in prep for my digital presentation — my mind is going a bit right now! Or it’s just me being stupid, which is most likely that :p

        Thank you for the input, though, very much appreciated as always! =^o^=

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