New Quilt Designs

18 Nov

From a previous post that contained a quilt design, I found out that you had to digitise all three designs and not just one.

So these are the other two including originals:

Original (no.2 design):



A combination of the letters of Opera put together.

Original (no.3 design):


My dad said to me when he saw this that the ‘O’ looked like a mouth saying Opera.

Don’t know what designs other people like, would be interesting to know. So far my mum likes the first and second and warming up to the third; my dad likes the first and third design.

Unfortunately I can’t choose the final for the digital quilt — my class + tutor has to on Monday ._.

2 Responses to “New Quilt Designs”

  1. Mark Armstrong November 19, 2011 at 16:39 #

    Lovely work! And it’s very cool to be able to see your original mockup and compare it directly to the final.

    They’re all good, but #3 is easily my favorite. There’s a simplicity and boldness there that really works to advantage. Your dad’s right– it does look like a mouth boldly proclaiming “Opera!!”– well, technically, I guess it’s proclaiming “pera!!” (but we know what it means!) I like the three-dimensional quality of the text in #3, great color choices as well– nice job!

    • Sabine November 20, 2011 at 19:28 #

      Thank you, Mark =]
      I always like to show how I have developed the pieces. Sometimes it can also be interesting too if people prefer the original to the final, although so far I haven’t had that happen to me..

      I can see with the whole “pera” thing. Guess it depends on how people will read and view it ^__^ Like you said, we know what it is! But I’m glad you like it. No.3 is the definite winner of them all!

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