Final: The Episte Trail

17 Nov


Above is my final Episte Trail. Took me overall two weeks to complete and personally, I found it quite hard to produce the presentation than anything else in the project. But that was because I faced quite a few problems whilst doing it.

Be prepared, a bit of a long story now:

If you are able to view the presentation (which you should do if you have PowerPoint Viewer), you’ll notice that the text is a little weird. Basically, when I was doing it on the family computer, which has PowerPoint (my laptop doesn’t), I didn’t realise some of the typography is only installed into those Microsoft programs. And when I started viewing it on my laptop happily thinking it’s all finished, my luck struck a lightening bolt and I saw that some of the typography I used was not displaying, and from what it looked like it was instead displayed as Arial.

And there I was pretty much in panic mode thinking of what I should do. Emailed my tutor telling him of my problem, and from his reply, three things came up in my mind: come in extra early on Monday to make sure the text is viewable and take a big risk of doing so; try to use another program to make the presentation (even though I had no idea how); or just use different text applicable to my laptop. Tried and tested, but I really liked the ones I already used as there were specific reasons for them and the way it moves on screen. So I went to bed feeling stressed and down about it.

Wasn’t until I was almost in dreamland that it came to me to test out whether the typography can be converted into JPEGs from PowerPoint to MS Paint. So this morning when I eventually woke up etc etc, I got back on the family computer, converted the fonts into JPEGs on Paint like I hoped it would (if it didn’t work, I have no idea what I would have done!), went onto my laptop/Photoshop to alter them, go back on the family computer and transfer the JPEG fonts onto PowerPoint. It was confusing doing this process, and I didn’t want to risk any of the words going wrong so I changed all of them into images and did the process as mentioned. Initially, it was the typography used for Bread (Bodoni MT Black), Treasure (Harrington), Thimble (Freestyle Script), Blimp (Cooper Black) and Shrimp (Chiller).

Obviously some of the actions I did for the presentation (i.e. movements of the objects) had to be changed as they cannot be used on JPEGs, but I found different action styles for every one of them and am now happy with the outcome.

Now that’s the end of the story. Hope you found it interesting. If you can’t view the presentation, these are the images:

Slide 1

Episte Trail

I used the Candara font, mainly because I like the look of it, but the curves to the edges somewhat represents the different directions I took to do this. Used footprints as imagery  to show the steps towards this final piece. The footprints facing upwards has the action of Ascend, whereas the ones going down is Descend.

The colour was used as I guess deep pinks are one of my favourite colours =]

Slide 2


The starting point of the Episte Trail: Sabine.  Used my own handwriting as the typography as it reflects who I am and is a personal part of myself. Image obviously of cartoon me =]

No action is taken for this as it’s just plain lil’ me.

Slide 3


Sabre, the typography used is Juice ITC. I chose this in particular because of the sharpness of the serif sections, which reminds me of a blade/sword. A pale blue was used for the lettering to give a sort of streamline effect. I used the Strip action (very fast speed) to represent the movement of a sword.

Slide 4


I used Bodoni MT Black for Bread as I felt it was quite thick and gave quite a compact feeling such as the slices of bread all bunched up together, plus the serif of the ‘r’ and ‘a’ reminded me of the shape of crusts. I used brown to represent the colour of bread, and the action used for it was Rise Up (fast speed) to represent when bread is being baked, it rises up ^o^

Slide 5


Treasure is in the Harrington typeface, giving a fancy feeling. For some reason, it also reminds me of Pirates… And no, it’s not because of the image. (Note: The image is slightly smaller in the ppt. presentation as it needed to be altered a bit). It is in a yellow-orange colour to represent money/treasure/gold. At first I used the action Unfold to represent the folding of the treasure chest, but since it couldn’t be used for images, I reverted back to the Fold action (fast speed — excitement of opening/closing an object that has something good in it).

Slide 6


The Matisse ITC was used for Fissure due to the angles it gives, similar to when the ground cracks. The grey colour was used to represent a cement/ground colour and I used the Split action (fast speed) to show how quick the splitting of a ground can occur.

Slide 7

Fist used the Impact typeface due to it condensed, strong and powerful feeling it gives out. Black was used due to its boldness against the white background, which makes it more impactful, with the Magnify action, very fast speed, being used as it represents the quick movement of a punch from a fist.

Slide 8


Blackadder ITC was used for Thistle due to its uneven edges, similar to the different sizes of petals and thorns a flower has, they are never even. The colour pink was chosen in relation to the colour of the thistle, and Grow & Turn action, fast speed, was used to represent the blooming of a flower.

Slide 9


Thimble used the Freestyle Script typeface as it reminds me of the entanglement of thread. It also has some sort of elegance to it, which a lot of thimbles have with the patterns embossed into the metal, and it has a slight feminine touch to it, a stereotypical form of sewing :p

I used a navy blue as it stands out against the image and background, and I used the Bounce action (medium speed) as when you sew, you constantly put on and take off the thimble every time you need it or not.

Slide 10

Blimp is in the Cooper Black typeface. It is smooth and rounded off, similar to that of clouds and the shape of the blimp. Blue was used again to represent the sky, with the action of Ascend (medium speed) used to represent it rising up into the sky.

Slide 11


The last one, Shrimp uses the Chiller typeface as I felt with the colour of the pinkish-red, it reminds me of ketchup, or the cocktail sauce you get with the meal ^o^

It is done in a Motion Path format where I made it move in a Curve (medium speed), representing the movement of the little Shrimp creature.

Just in case you wonder, I placed myself in each illustration as each word derived from my name.

I did it in this particular drawing style as anime/manga has always been a part of me from a young age and I just love the style!

So that’s it. All done and very happy with it. Now I just have to wait til Monday afternoon when I have to show it.

2 Responses to “Final: The Episte Trail”

  1. Mark Armstrong November 17, 2011 at 19:28 #

    Beautiful job! Delightful illos, lovely colors, great font choices, excellent presentation. Your professor should buy you a big shrimp dinner with extra cocktail sauce!!

    Keep this one in your portfolio for those post-grad interviews– it’s a winner!

    • Sabine November 18, 2011 at 09:50 #

      You’re too kind with the compliments! Although I am quite proud of it ^__^
      I’ll definitely keep it for my future portfolio.

      Haha, I wish. Although he is buying the plate, cutlery set etc for our Designer’s Banquet assignment :p
      So it’s close enough!

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