What’s In A Word?

10 Nov

In our Research & Reference we’ve been given a task called the Episte Trail. Basically with this task, we have to use our name, and from our name, find different words from letters taken out of the name and you carry on for ten steps altogether.

So this is mine:

  1. Sabine          > ‘Sab’
  2. Sabre            > ‘bre’
  3. Bread            > ‘rea’
  4. Treasure       > ‘sure’
  5. Fissure          >’fi’
  6. Fist                > ‘ist’
  7. Thistle          > ‘Thi’
  8. Thimble       > ‘im’
  9. Blimp           > ‘imp’
  10. Shrimp

With these words, we have to display it in some way. I’m doing illustrations (also with text) and so far, I think they are exceedingly cute >w<

I’ll post them up once I have finished as I’m only up to my fourth one in outline-form only — so still have to colour them in. But I’m not too sure about the last three at the moment… May or may not change them but we’ll see.

Don’t know how I’ll do it as a presentation though as I don’t have Power Point on my laptop… I’ll work something out hopefully ^__^


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