Opera Posters ~ Final

9 Nov

I’ve finally done my posters for Typography. I first started out with finding out the information of the operas, Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan Tutte and Le Nozze Di Figaro, which was quite a lot of info to take in but since it is a poster that has to be focused on typography, I was happy that you didn’t have to include images. With these posters, we also had to have them in two colours: black and one Pantone colour. I decided to use shades of blue, yellow and red, thinking of the main primary colours. There is also reasons as to why they were chosen but I’ll explain that later.

These were my initial designs which were digitised from my hand sketched layouts:

(I used just one opera and a typical strap-line at first to visualise what the layout would look like — with the colours I wanted shown)

As you can see, the layouts are all different in some sort of way, and I wanted to pick the one I liked most. I also asked a few more people (really just my mum and boyfriend) of which one they preferred and we all agreed with design 1. I felt in the end that 2 was too typical even though I also liked that layout; 3 was too busy and 4 I just didn’t like. Unfortunately when presenting this in class I was told the layout of the title made it look like a menu and that vertical text should not be done in advertising (I didn’t really ask why…). Plus the pink/red colour I used was quite dark against the background (when printed) so I had to change that also.

In the end, I decided to go with the layout of design 2, and change some of the colours to make it more visible as to what colour they were (so blue would be more blue and yellow would be more yellow).

*Note: I realised after looking at my book now that for the ‘Cosi‘ I done the ‘i’ wrong as it’s meant to have an accent: ` on top instead of the dot, so that is being redone for my final prints.

The colours I used in the end was:

  • Pantone 206 UP (pink/red)
  • Pantone 2717 UP (blue)
  • Pantone 106 UP (yellow — 80% opacity)

How I changed the colour for the Royal Opera House logo and the Arts Council England logo I’ll explain now.

  1. I opened the image, and duplicated the layer.
  2. I then used the duplicated layer to invert the colours (or ctrl + i).
  3. This is the inverted image.
  4. I then chose my colour and with the brush tool set to Multiply mode, I brushed over the image.
  5. I altered the background colour to the colour I needed with the Paint bucket tool.
  6. Ending logo piece.

These are the same steps I took for the Arts Council England logo.

 And these are the final posters:

Cosi Fan Tutte 

I chose blue for Cosi Fan Tutte (That’s How All Women Behave)  as it’s about the course of true love and it not running smoothly for the two men who are the characters in the opera and who test the constancy of their lovers. So it resembles the emotion of sadness/unfortunate events.

Don Giovanni

I chose this pinky-red colour as the character is a serial seducer whose luck runs out when the statue of a man he murdered invited itself for dinner.

Le Nozze Di Figaro 

Last but not least is this one. I chose yellow as the translation of the title, Le Nozze Di Figaro is The Marriage of Figaro, a sort of happy time in someone’s life, as well as the opera being a comedy, hence the colour.

We also had to design tickets in a class workshop and produce them digitally in our own time, with the tickets reflecting the poster design:

Now that’s the end of that. My hands and arms hurt, I’m hungry and I’m going to go for dinner.


2 Responses to “Opera Posters ~ Final”

  1. Mark Armstrong November 11, 2011 at 03:51 #

    You put a lot of work into these– well done, that was not an easy assignment.

    Just a couple of thoughts, hoping they might be helpful:

    1. Are the quote marks out of position? Or is that deliberate? For example, I’m seeing: “Getting married is full of” wit and twists! as opposed to: “Getting married is full of wit and twists!”

    2. Just a personal opinion, but I find any kind of type on a black background difficult to read– hard on the eyes. The problem is magnified when the type is small.

    Sorry, don’t mean to sound critical, just something to think about. : )

    • Sabine November 11, 2011 at 14:03 #

      Don’t apologise — that’s what feedback is for and I very much appreciate it. Besides, if there are things that needs to be addressed it’s good as it helps to make the ending piece better ^_^

      In reply to your points:

      1. The quote marks are done in that position deliberately. But I’m glad you mentioned how you have read it as now I know it needs to be changed. Perhaps I’ll nudge the quotation marks a bit more further down so they are central to the comment. Hopefully that should make it more legible.

      2. Unfortunately black is the main colour we have to use plus one Pantone colour. I’ll try swapping them around to see what they look like (text black, background Pantone colour) and see which version is better.

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