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20 Sep

So my 4-month break from university is almost at an end, and really looking, I haven’t actually done much stuff than I said I would…

But! I have done a drawing, using only Illustrator and Photoshop (so no hand drawings before hand which is the first) and I feel really chuffed with it. It is, however, another anime girl style picture – pretty boring that it’s mainly the only thing I do drawing-wise in my spare time….

Anyways, this is what it is:

And these are the steps I took to produce it:

On Illustrator, I used the Calligraphic Brush tool to draw out the figure. It took quite a while as I couldn’t get the desired look – hair/posture. I really wanted the hair where the forehead is to be sort of swayed from “wind”. Eventually, I was happy with this. Almost each section of the figure is done in separate layers (head, hair, body).

I tidied up the lines, removing the ones I don’t need, then added a new layer, skin colour, and used the Blob Brush to colour in the desired colour of skin with added tones.

Another layer is added, facial features, which I coloured in the hair (shading and highlights as seen) and the eyes. When you take a closer look at the eyes, there are two different shades, one dark blue and one light blue.

Another layer, clothes and accessories,  I coloured in the dress and hair pieces in blue to match the colour of the eyes. The hair pieces has rounded shading and circular highlights reflecting light to indicate the roundness of the object. The necklace and belt are coloured in a similar way but in shades of grey, representing a sort of metallic material.

For the background layer, I added star shapes, and arranged them in a way I was happy with. I then saved the star shapes background and girl as two separate files.

I opened both files in Photoshop and combined them. For the stars layer, I wanted them to stand out a bit more as I felt the purple made it too plain, so I went into Blending Options and did the Stroke line in a fuchsia pink colour similar to the hair colour. I also did the Drop Shadow and Outer Glow in the same colour. The inside part of the stars is done by using an Inner Glow and a lighter purple colour.

The Outer Glow of the girl is done in the same colour pink with an Inner Shadow to form the curves of the figure and unify it with the style of the background.

And that’s how I did it. Here is the finalised piece again:

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