Flash It Up

2 Sep

So this evening I’ve been looking up on Adobe Flash CS5 and how to use it since I have no experience on this program and have a feeling we might need to use it in our second year of university.

I read a tutorial explaining how to produce a simple animation using symbols and tweaking the timeline etc etc. I followed every step carefully and I got it right within an hour or so *go me* I then thought why don’t I try doing one using a bit more movement… So I decided to do a little adorable yellow creature from one of my favourite anime/mangas, Card Captor Sakura, called Kero Beros, flying from one end to another. It was quite simple to draw and produce the character’s movement of its wings, but it was time-consuming doing the tweaking of the time frames for each section.

As an ending piece, it’s not fantastic. But for something I have done for the first time, I think I have earned myself a gold star ^___^

Click image below to see animation:

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