Milk! Milk!

25 Mar

From our previous assignment ‘Containment’, which was to choose an item that fits inside the box, this new project was to choose what goes around the box, or, as it was, a Cravendale milk carton. To make the ‘new packaging’, we were given an artist/designer and use their works as inspiration to produce an artwork that surrounds the packaging, which also enables the public to instantly recognise who the artist/designer the carton is based on.

My designer was Anish Kapoor. At first I thought to myself: “Great. I’m going to have so much difficulty with his works and from stuff I remember, I didn’t like any of his works”. Guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. In the end I actually do like most of his works, mainly the ones involved with mirrors as the reflections on them from where they were set are absolutely beautiful and breath-taking. And I actually worked out in the end what that “big, round, interesting-looking mirror in Kensington Gardens” was (i.e. Sky Mirror) when I was walking around London back in the summer with my boyfriend. I felt stupid after that.

Anyways, my tutor advised me to look up on a documentary which was done by the BBC programme Imagine, which was talking about Kapoor and when he showcased his works in the RA in 2009. Looking at it, unfortunately I didn’t get much inspiration but it made me want to do a similar idea as his ‘Shooting into the Corner’. But I knew it wouldn’t be possible as 1) I didn’t have the equipment or room and 2) My container would get completely thrashed. In a way, though, I kind of regret not going and seeing the works.

In the end though, I used Kapoor’s mirror works as an inspiration along with the Drip sculpture he has done, and surrounded the box with mirror card and images of the sculpture and other graphics using photo glossy paper (as I don’t have the facilities to print properly onto the mirror card). I was quite pleased with myself though as I correctly managed to measure where I should cut the circle out for the top on my first try! I think that was the main highlight of the project…

Anyways, here is: The final piece


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