Egg, Paper, Skills

17 Feb

Task: In groups, create a new packaging that can hold two eggs using only paper.

The simplest idea was to make a paper bag but the only problem would be that the eggs could easily break and basically become a bit messy… An ice-cream cone shape also came to our minds, but again, it would cause a bit of bruising and bashing. So it was back to the drawing board.

The task progressed and still no ending result, we started talking about origami and what we can make: penguins, boats, chatterboxes… Chatterbox! It finally cracked and our creative ways flowed. We first started recalling how to make them and came out with one from using notepad paper. Obviously, due to the strength of the paper, it wasn’t that great. We then experimented more with office paper, layout paper then finally cartridge paper to get the overall result to make it stable enough, with folded flaps, to hold the eggs.

Yay! We finally did it without there being any bad result or egg mess.

So here it is, the new Egg Cup Package.


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